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My early life as a vegan

Posted Jun 21 2009 10:18pm

My early life as a vegan.

My life as a vegan lasted only 6 years. At age 15 told my family owners of a Hog industry I was no longer going to be a part of enslavement of an intelligent creature for food or profit. Jumped into a raw food diet and lost 40 pounds and was what I thought a great weight for my height 118 pounds 5’7”. Still thinking life was good got married 5 years later.   Started to notice some swelling in feet and around eyes after eating. Then itching eyes, pneumonia, coughing difficulty breathing. While in the hospital developed a pulmonary emboli. This was a scary moment. After much testing it was found my body was rejecting just about every weed, grass including rice, citrus fruit with a near anaphylactic response to about everything I ate. The one berry that I could eat had the doctor baffled. The Strawberry! My life had to change and the “Beef eater” age began in my life.

Years of weekly injections began. I did recover, but gained weight and lots of it. At my heaviest was 257 pounds.

You have the most recent events in my life from my first post so wondering where do I go from here? Have any ideas?

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