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My Diet Plan

Posted Feb 23 2010 6:01pm 1 Comment

Many years ago I weighed 195lbs and thought I was fat, so I went on a diet.  I cut the extra uneccassary sugars from my diet, and ate smaller portions.  I did not eat diet foods, I just ate regular foods, stuff I liked, even pizza and pasta.

This is how I did it.........

I stuck to drinking water, and herbal tea. NO SUGAR!

for the first week I trained my tummy to get smaller by eating less than normal. example.....

Breakfast for the first week consisted of 1 egg, 1 sausage, 1 slice of toast with butter, and 1/2 a cup of fruit. NO ADDED SUGARS! I drank water or herbal tea.

After week 1 was over I started to eat normal or at least what should be normal. Example....

Breakfast for week 2 and on, consisted of 2 eggs, 2 sausage, 1 slice of toast with butter, 1 cup of fruit, water or herbal tea to drink. NO ADDED SUGARS!

Lunches were kept portioned too. example...

1 sandwich with some fruit, or chips, water or herbal tea to drink. NO ADDED SUGAR!

I would make normal dinners too. Example....

Past with sauce, and garlic bread.

Pizza with the works.

Pork chops, potatoes, and veggies.

The key to eating a healthy dinner is not to eat more than one plate, or bowl full. If you have Pizza just eat 2 slices of the pizza no more than that.

I also had healthy snacks. example.....

bananas, cottage cheese, cup of fruit cocktail, an orange, etc. 

Key to eating healthy snacks, only eat 1 or only eat a cup full. Anymore than that and you are over eating!

Eat every 2 to 3 Hours. Example...

If you eat breakfast at 8am then your eating schedual should go something like this....

breakfast 8am, snack 10am, lunch 12noon, snack 2-3pm, dinner 5-6pm, snack 7-8pm.

Do not eat anything after 8pm.  If you feel like your getting hungry, reach for your WATER, or herbal tea.

I also stopped eating candy, chocolate, and foods with sugar in it like those cereals chocked full of sugar. If you got to have cereal, there is always good cereals, like... Special K, Grape Nuts, Raisin Bran, oatmeal. But stay away from cereals like Lucky Charms, Reeses, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Etc. These are the danger foods.  They are the Enemy! 

What I am trying to say is you do not have to eat bland tasting food to lose weight, you just need to cut the sugars out, drink more water, eat every 2-3 hours, and eat smaller portions (DON"T OVER EAT!)

Did I mention I went from 195lbs to 180lbs in 2 months.  Now that is normal, healthy weight loss considering it took me 5 years to add it on.

I will not lie to you, it was hard!  The reason it was hard was not that I didn't have the willpower, it was because I was addicted to sugar. YES! ADDICTED to SUGAR. Now you see why I call sugar the Enemy!  It is hard to get rid of an addiction, and I went through nasty moods. I was grumpy, and moody, and yelled a lot.  It took about 2-3 weeks to get over the addiction, but I tell you when it was over, and my body didn't crave sugar anymore, I was happy.  I was so relieved.  I had more energy, I wasn't depressed, and I felt great!  I even began to notice that I could taste the sugars in other foods, like white bread. I had to change the kind of bread we ate because I didn't like the taste of the bread anymore.  I did give myself treats once in a while, not often but once in a while. 

Unfortunatly, I fell off my wagon and ended up in a bad routine again.  Now I weigh 240lbs. and I have myself to blame for it. I didn't stick with my new life change back then, and now I am suffering do to it.  I tried that Kimkins diet, payed for a lifetime membership and got screwed.  I ended up with ulcers because the diet they have you follow is a starvation diet.  My tummy had nothing in it to eat so it began to eat itself. YUK!  I have been trying to get motivated and return to my diet that I did so many years ago.  I have to do it. I have to lose this weight or it could kill me. 

Wish me luck!

I hope this blog helps out others.



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Just remember not to overdue it and allow snacks sometimes. If you're too strict, it's easy to give up. And somedays will not go great. The key is get right back on the horse and not give up! Good luck@!!!
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