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My Biggest Loser Experience

Posted Mar 11 2009 9:21am
As most of all of know from my previous posts, I tried out for the Biggest Loser 8. And much to my dismay, I am not going to be a celebrity anytime soon. I did try out for TBL 8, and it was a complete nightmare. One that I hope to never do again in my lifetime. I think if it wasn't so damn cold outside, it would have been more bearable.

The audition was on Saturday, February 28th, at 10 am. I worked the night before at the ice cream shop, and when I was driving home I saw people already camped outside the furniture store. I couldn't believe it. I got home. Got my kids in bed. Re-wrote my application, got my pictures in order, put everything in a nice envelope. By this time it was midnight. My husband got home and said that there were at least 30 people waiting in line. I got dressed in layers, did my hair and makeup, (not too much makeup, just enough). I put a lot of thought into how I looked. I wore a nice outfit, nothing to outrageous, but something I would wear to a nice restaurant out with my friends or to a nice party.

I brought a thick long blanket, my lawn chair that I bring to soccer games, etc. I pulled up at 4 am, and I was all by myself. All the other crazies all had partners or other people waiting in line with them, so they could take turns waiting in the car to warm up. (It was I would estimate around 20-25 degrees, and it was snowing!) I never felt more out of my element. The people that I was waiting in line with, were, how do I put it without being offensive? A little rough around the edges. Most of them have tried out for the show almost every single year, and most of them had plans to go to the Cleveland, Ohio audition that was the following weekend if this audition didn't get them a call back. I was listening to people in line talking about how they were at the Chicago audition the weekend before.

These people were not dressed to impress anyone, they were screaming, yelling, getting all riled up, the police even came. They were ALL smoking. It was an experience. I was shocked to see how many didn't even have an application with them, nor had filled one out yet. I mean you waste all this time in line, wouldn't you have filled out an application by now? I pretty much kept to myself, I didn't want anyone to know too much about me, I figured that the people that were around me would be the people that I would be interviewing with. I was thinking in my head that if they knew stuff about me, then they would be thinking of even more clever ways to be more exciting than me. I mean for the two sets of couples that were in front of me, this was their 5th time auditioning, so they already knew what to expect.

The local news station came at about 5 am, and everyone was acting like fools! I wrapped myself up so you couldn't see my face. I thought I didn't want to look stupid, just in case casting saw the footage.

I did make friends with the people in front of me, and behind me. I did have them save my place in line 3 different times. But in the back of my head I knew I shouldn't just trust people to save me a place. 2 of the times I left the line, I went into my car and warmed up, the second time I went to the bathroom at the corner gas station. At around 8 am, I put my chair away into my car, because the line started to get longer as the sun was coming out, it seemed more and more people were coming. By 10 am, I was officially freezing. At this point the auditions were starting, but nobody was letting us in. The let in the first 50 people, and all of the people who had VIP passes. I was number 72. I was so cold, I cannot even express to you how cold. I was shivering uncontrollably. My back started to throb, I couldn't feel my fingers. I was tired, sore and achy, and I had to pee, AGAIN. I wasn't going to go pee, because I didn't want to lose my spot. At some point I felt that I wanted to start crying right there. A lot of people were in line with other people, and they were all hugging and snuggling with each other to keep warm. The wind was awful! I wanted to give up, but I was so close to getting in, and I have come that far, I knew I could wait a little more.

When the doors opened, I was so relieved. It was 11:40 am. I have never been more happy to be inside somewhere. I quickly started to undress. I had my blanket, which I folded up, I had 2 coats, 1 hat, 1 earband, gloves, etc. I took all of them off, and fixed my makeup and hair in various mirrors around the store (the audition was in a furniture store). I let my hair down, I looked good, but not the best I could look for being outside in freezing temps throughout the WHOLE night. At this point, most of the people were scrambling to fill out their applications, including the people that I was standing in line with since 4 am. I did take pictures, but my camera broke after, and I don't have any to show you guys. I was really bummed about that.

Finally, it was our turn to see the casting director, and there were 13 in my group. I wasn't scared, I wasn't nervous, I was just ready. Ready to do this finally.
I sat in the middle of the table. I wanted to make sure I was noticed. I had my application out and was making direct eye contact with the CD (casting director) he introduced himself has Tad, and that he was the main CD, so that we had the best table. He said all he was going to do was to ask us our name, age and occupation. Since I was in the middle, I patiently waited my turn. I was the only one at the table that even looked presentable, my application neat, not wrinkled, penmanship perfect, pictures in order all stapled together, the two girls to my right, had hoodies on and hats on their heads, the two to the left of me, had applications all wrinkled scribbled out and filled out that morning. Tad said he smelled smoke and asked who smoked. Everyone except me and one other man raised their hands. It was evident that the smoke smell was so strong that Tad couldn't concentrate.

Before Tad got to me, I wasn't sure what I was going to do. This was the only chance I had to let him know that I was special, someone worth looking a second chance at. I have heard from past contestants that this is when you make them know your special. Then as he was still supposedly listening to the girl on my left, he started to circle my application around the part that I wrote I owned a Baskin Robbins. So then he looked at me.

I said: "My Name is Amanda, I'm 33 years old, and I have the best job in the whole entire world".

Tad said: "She sure does, she owns a Baskin Robbins, what is better than that?" and he was chuckling.

At this point, I got up out of my chair and said "I have had this job for 17 years, you sure can tell......., I have some Jamoca Almond Fudge over here (I grabbed my left arm), some Cookie Dough right here (I grabbed and jiggled my right arm) some Peanut Butter and Chocolate right here (I grabbed my ass and shook it)"

I sat down, and proceeded with telling him my weight and how much I could stand to lose, and he was laughing with me and so was the rest of the table.

That was about it. The rest of my group had nothing else interesting to say. I felt that I stood out from that whole scene, and I walked away proud of myself. When I got home, went to the bathroom finally, I was so relieved. (no pun intended, ha ha) My husband took care of the kids while I slept, and I still felt so cold. I don't think I felt warm for the rest of the night. He couldn't believe that I actually went through with it, and he felt proud of me too.

Needless to say, nobody ever called me for a callback. I was very disappointed. I thought at the very least I would get that far. I was a little frustrated for awhile. I kept thinking over and over in my head if I should of done something different. But I realize now, that I did what I could, and I just wasn't what they were looking for. I do know that I plan on losing this weight. I knew that even at the audition. I am not like a lot of the other people that I stood in line with for all those hours, I am not going to go from City to City and audition. I will change my life one way or another. I do not need a spot on a reality tv show to lose this weight. Would it have been nice, of course. Am I mad at the show? No way, I am still a huge fan, and think I always will be.

Hey, at least I can say I tried out for reality tv right? It might make for an interesting story one day.
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