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My 100 Pound Gift to Myself...

Posted Nov 20 2009 10:01pm
I can't believe it - not only did I actually find a pair of boots that fit over my ginormousmuscular calves, but boots that are the style I was looking for - with a low heel and a buckle detail! And the funniest thing is that I wasn't even looking for them - I was just running through Macy's at the mall, on my way to GNC to get my fish oil caplets, when I noticed that they must have had at least 40 pairs of boots on display. I took a little detour, and a very nice young man - I'm talking like fresh-out-of-high school young - asked if he could help me. I blurted out - "Sure - can you help me find some boots that will fit over my fat calves?" (apparently I have no shame anymore) and without batting an eye, he said he could - and brought me out four pairs. Now of course youknow that only two of the four would zip, but oh happy day for me, one was exactly what I wanted! And at my el cheapo price point, too! I paid for them and walked on to GNC, hugging my box of boots to my chest, happy as a clam! Seriously, I felt like skipping! So without further ado, I present to you my 100-pound boots:
Note the 1" heel, and a touch of "motorcycle-mama" buckle!
Outfit I threw together for work on Thursday - I would like to pair them with a gray skirt and a purple sweater, but I will have to wait a bit until I can do some more shopping.

P.S. The brand of boots is Baretraps.
P.P.S. The sculpture that I am standing by is called Mesa and is in the courtyard of my workplace. Where I have worked for 2 1/2 years. And have seen the sculpture every time I go to work. So guess what I discovered today, when I went to lean on it for a picture? It's made of metal. All this time I thought it was concrete. Now that's what I call a good paint finish!
P.P.P.S My co-workers laughed at my newfound realization.
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