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Posted Jul 15 2009 6:47pm

Pheeeeeeeeeeeew okay, where do I begin?  A simple “thank you” doesn’t quite express what I would like to say to the 30-ish of you who commented on my last post and who made me feel like the world’s luckiest girl on earth.  I mean great friends are one thing, but when you think about it, nothing really compares to reaching out with your soul exposed and having 30 “strangers” so to speak, step right up and make it all go away.

Thank you so much to: Syl, Leanne, H-woman, krissie, Suzie Q, Lex, Rosalie, Kim, Heather, farm girl., Lainey, Denise, Midwest Mom, marie, Anonymous#1, Anonymous#2, Me, Only Better, Cat, Emily, Miz, Amie, Jaime (Embracing Balance), Anonymous#3, Brandi, Sue, Anonymous#4, Karen, Lisa, Life, Health and Fitness, ayearfromnow & eurydice

I read a few of your comments before going to bed and those were enough to lift my spirits, but when I woke up today to find so many more, it literally put a skip in my step and I felt ready to tackle it all again.

So many of you wrote so many wonderful and kind things and I will be “bookmarking” that post for the next time I start to feel this way.  I literally laughed with tears in my eye when one of you anonymous angels even came up with a poem!  Seriously anonymous, you are something else!  THANK YOU!

I am so happy to say that I feel ready to continue on and get this job done ALL THE (FRIGGIN’) WAY:-D  Wooot!

So thanks to you all and you’re amazing comments, you helped me start today with a huge smile on my face and my feet facing in the right direction!

I started Breakfast with a cup of coffee with just blend cream:


No smoothie this morning, I decided on some Kashi Honey Almond Flax topped with a mountain of strawberries & blueberries and with 1/2c unsweetened vanilla almond breeze:

IMG_3858   IMG_3860  

Later on in the morning I Snacked on an hard boiled egg (and I may have shared with my assistant Sophie) which kind of stuck to the shell just a bit:


Nothing like a salad for Lunch to get you feeling like you’re on track :-)  It was the salad that I had packed for yesterday and it was delish.  It had:

  • mesclin mix
  • cherry tomatoes
  • cucumber
  • red onion
  • 3 candied maple walnuts (which I had forgot were in there until I bit into one and it was such a treat)
  • roasted turkey breast
  • tbsp baba ganouj
  • fig balsamic vinaigrette

IMG_3865   IMG_3864

So it turns out the best way to have fresh strawberries is to mash them up on the stove (for strawberry shortcake).  My Snack this afternoon was Liberte No Fat Probiotic strawberry yogurt with fresh whole strawberries and a few spoonfuls of mashed strawberries on top.  OMG.this.was.awesome:


So when I got home I was excited to show ya’ll that my spirit is back in the game, so here I am getting ready to hit the streets for Amy’s Workout Wednesday Challenge:


I didn’t take my camera along, but I think the evidence right her speaks for itself:

IMG_3869   IMG_3870  

Lucy and I took our first “real” jog around our new neighbourhood and some of the neighbours got introduced to the newest neighbourhood nuisance dog :-D  We jogged around a loop for 45 minutes and it was a nice even-paced jog.  I didn’t push it too much since my knee’s been really acting up, but I got a good 350 calorie burn and it was beautiful outside and I would have been insane not to have gone!

I was anxious to get Supper on the table and tonight it involved a BBQ’d pork loin, fresh steamed green beans (my favourite ) and a beet green sauté which had onion, mushrooms, garlic, hot pepper garlic, beet greens and fresh peas right out of the pod:


It’s funny because peas are one of my top five favourite veggies of all time and I never ever buy them fresh!  Turns out they make a great snack just like this:



and a perfect opportunity to use some of the garlic cayenne goat cheese I got at Fox Hill on the weekend:

IMG_3875   IMG_3876  

And I couldn’t help but enjoy some organic coconut sherbet for only 80 cals for one cup!


So there ya have it bloggies, a perfect day on plan!  I came in at around 1350 calories :-)


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