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Muscle Building Routines-Female Fitness Magazines

Posted Mar 10 2008 12:52pm 1 Comment
I spoke with my good friend and IFBB figure competitor Mandy Polk the other day and we got on the topic of female muscle building, specifically the workouts that are in the magazines. Here's what she said.

"Well, a lot of women are always looking for the next fat loss diet, the next fat loss method, how much cardio they should do? More is better blab la blah and they just like pushing like a smaller version of themselves and still have the cellulite, still have the same problem areas.

They might be a little bit smaller, they might not but what eventually happens is with constant dieting you effect your optimal metabolic processes, all you hormones are down regulated and your system runs forward and actually more efficiently which is a bad thing so... What is fuelling the tank for about the same appearance is not good.

And you know what is interesting? They want to look like those girls on the magazines and do their routines but the routines and diets that their promoting are what are the models will even tell you they do not even do."

Mandy is one of those girls on the cover of the magazines! Stop following bad training advice.
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Jimmy, Did Mandy have any suggestions as to where we could get good training information? It's really hard to know what to trust.
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