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Munday’s Motivation: Parramatta Eels 7 Secrets To Success

Posted Sep 27 2009 10:55pm

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By now most people will realise that I am a BIG Parramatta Eels fan and if you’re not up to date with the footy here in Aus, they made the Grand Final after another great victory on Friday night.

Some people might say big deal but what if I told you that just over 3 months ago they were sitting 2nd last and would’ve struggled to beat an Under 15’s team. Does that change your mind?

Now Parra are 1 win away from their first Premiership in 23 years – and it’s been a long 23 years. I remember their last one even though I was only in 3rd Grade!

Parra Power: Photo from

Parra Power: Photo from

So what do the Eels have in common with someone like yourself trying to achieve weight loss success?

How about these 7 traits of successful people – no matter what their end goal is:

1) Never, Ever Say Die Attitude:
The one thing that the Parra players always had was that attitude that they could succeed. Even when they were losing games that they should’ve been winning. Even when they lost their star halfback early in the season (who co-incidently is playing against them this weekend).

You need to have this attitude that you can achieve your end goal no matter how out of reach it may seem at the moment.

3 months ago Parra were paying $151 to win the comp and now they are just over even money. You can make that improvement too.

2) Belief In Themselves When No One Else Did:
Even loyal Parra fans like me had written this year off at the half way point of the year. Not the players though.

You need to be like this even if your best friend or your partner don’t think you can achieve your fat loss goal.

3) Didn’t Listen To Critics:
Once again, even if the whole world is at you and trying to sabotage your thoughts you need to remain strong and believe that you can achieve anything that your mind can conceive.

If Parra had’ve listened to their critics they’d be on their end of season trip by now.

4) Took Each Week As It Came:
When the Eels had the the seemingly impossible task of winning 7 of their last 8 game to even just make the semi finals they never got ahead of themselves.

Sure, you may need to loose 20kg but is that going to happen this week? Of course not. Celebrate your small victories, like when your jeans feel a little looser and take it week by week.

5) An Unshaking Belief That They Deserve Success:
One thing that Parramatta definitely did not have was a negative mindset. They backed themselves. They’d trained all off-season to play finals football and even a slow start to the season wasn’t going to stop that belief that they deserved to be there come the business end of the year.

The same goes for you. Do you really, truly believe that you can achieve the body that you deserve. I believe you can but do you? Look deep inside and get all the negative thoughts out of your head once and for all.

6) Focusing On Doing The Little Things Right:
This means planning your meals and alocating your cheat meal quota without overdoing it. This means planning your training sessions for the week and crossing them off when you do them.

Parra ironed out their problems and the coach was smart enough to change their gameplan when it wasn’t working.

Have you done that?

Remember if you do what you’ve always done you get what you’ve always got. Daniel Anderson was smart enough to change. I hope you are too.

7) The Motivation To Keep Digging Deeper & Striving To Be Better:
You need to constantly pump up your own tyres each week. Pat yourself on the back when you do the right thing. Dust yourself off when you slip up.

Parra got beat 37-0 in the last round of the regular season by St George and then towelled them 25-12 in the first round of the finals the very next week. Same team, same venue – different attitude.

I know that you can dust yourself off after a slip up and not let it ruin the rest of your progress.

If the team that was coming 2nd last can I know for sure and certain that you can too!

Parramatta Superstar Jarryd Hayne: Picture from League HQ

Parramatta Superstar Jarryd Hayne: Picture from League HQ

Now, I don’t know where you’ll be Sunday night but I can tell you I’ll be at the footy, in my Parra jersey, believing that the sky is never the limit.

I bet you never thought a game of football could relate to your fat loss mission did you?

Now help me out and cheer on the Eels!

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