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Munday’s Motivation: Think Big – Donald Trump Style

Posted Feb 28 2010 2:12pm

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I’ve made up a picture collage that I’ve just put together of photos from my honeymoon to Hawaii in November – December last year and last week I hung it on a hook that sits on the wall opposite our bed.

I put it together as a souvenir of the honeymoon and obviously a very special time in Bron and my life.

Me On Hawaii's North Shore

Me On Hawaii's North Shore

Now originally the only reason I hung the photo there was because that was the only spare hook we had in the house and when you’re renting you can’t exactly start banging hooks in every other wall.

But I realised there was a significant reason, albeit it subconsciously at first, for me placing the frame where I did at the end of my bed.

I see it every single day.

I get to look at the photos of our great time in Hawaii each and every day and to me it serves as motivation.

Motivation for me to continue my travels.

Motivation to get back to Hawaii.

Motivation to continue to make my business as successful as possible to ensure that I can live the lifestyle that lets me travel to the places that I want to go.

All of this brings me to my Munday’s Motivation words for today from the big man – Donald Trump.

I’ve just started reading Trumps Book “Think Big & Kick Ass” and this quote sums up my travel goals in a nutshell.

So as the Donald himself says:

“If you’re thinking already, you might as well think BIG. It’s your choice. No matter what your circumstances, nobody can stop you from thinking BIG. And once you get a taste … you’ll never want to stop and the rewards will come to you”.

Perfect words to get you fired up for that goal of yours whether it be personal, travel or whatever.

Pick something and then make it happen.

I’ve been very fortunate to travel to most of the places that I’ve always ever wanted to see already in my life although there’s still a couple I want to cross off.

Looking at this photo collage every day makes me motivated to do so.

So how are you going to achieve your think big goal?

Do you have to stick an inspirational photo on the fridge to motivate you to eat healthy and stay away from the foods that will sabotage your dream size?

Time to think now and let me know below what steps you’re going to take.

Me? I get motivated every time I look at those pictures to make my goals happen.

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