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Munday’s Motivation Michael Jordan Style

Posted May 23 2010 7:08pm

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As I sit writing this Munday’s Motivation edition it is half time in the Lakers v Suns Game 3 Western Conference Finals Series.

I love my NBA and seeing as it’s playoff time I thought I’d use a quote from the greatest basketball player to ever walk the earth – Michael Jordan .

I remember as a kid watching the Bulls destroy the opposition and win their first 3 peat, only to dive when Jordan was no longer there and then win another 3 peat after his return.

I can tell you that the great man has a lot of inspirational words that I could feature on here. And all of them can be looked at with so many angles – especially my choice to share today. So what are Jordans words of inspiration for us?

“I’ve never been afraid to fail”

That’s a short sentence with a powerful meaning.

Let’s check it out a bit.

For me, personally at the moment my goal is to crank things up with my Sydney boot camp business. So I’ve backed myself with a few different avenues that took me out of my comfort zone – both financially and also personally.

If I fail I’ll dust myself off and move onto the next thing. At least I had a go.

BUT if they do come off, and I’m confident and positive that the 3 things that I am currently working on will come off – man I tell you it will have a massive impact on not only my business, but my ability to help others achieve their goals too.

What about you and your mission for weight loss success? Set your goals high. Say I want to fit into my old jeans even if it has been 10 years since you’ve worn them.

Say you want to look better than you did in High School.

Have that goal to work towards.

Sure, you may not get in that old high school dress (not that you’d really want to anyway right…) but you get my drift don’t you? You’re still going to be in a lot better position that you are now.

Don’t let failure, or a fear of it, hold you back. You know how the old saying goes “If you shoot for the moon you just might end up touching the stars”.

Jordan was spot on in many things. Those words were definitely one of those things.

Nail it this week!

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