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Munday’s Motivation Ari Gold Style

Posted May 09 2010 6:44pm

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Alright, my favourite show of all time is Entourage and after I finished watching season 6 over the long weekend recently I am in withdrawals.

So today, I wanted to do something different.

Anyone who has watched the show will know the real star is Ari Gold and I wanted to use one of his famous quotes and put a spin on how it relates to you, me and our own personal success journey.

So, let’s roll:

“I always dreamed about ruling the world, but now that I’m getting older I’ll settle for Hollywood”

ari gold

Not what you’d usually here on this blog but let’s run with this angle.

Everybody at some stage or another has big and grand plans for their life. Me, I wanted to be a footy star when I was younger. Others have different dreams.

But like Ari, now I’m older and wiser, and my footballing talent didn’t extend to the highest level, I concentrated on me – on my own backyard.

Now I just want to be the best fitness professional that I can be – and I can do that by continuing to grow my business and reach, and give results to, more people like you.

That’s how I can rule my own Hollywood and it’s something I’m always working on.

So now the challenge is for you to find out how you can rule your own ‘Hollywood’.

Are you happy with where life is going for you? If not, it’s time to change. Life is too short to be miserable. Change careers, change jobs, whatever. Get a new lease on life.

I’ll leave you with that, but just remember that you can always read something into even a funny show like Entourage.

Does that mean all my Entourage DVD’s can now be a tax deduction? Just joking!

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