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Multi-weekend recap and success challenge!

Posted May 09 2010 8:36pm

First things first…


Congratulations to Michelle for winning the Aurorae yoga mat/slip-free rosin bag/sport sweat towel package!! :) E-mail me with your mailing address and mat color preference, and I’ll pass that information along to Aurorae! And thank you all for your support; I’m almost at 10% of my $2,000 fundraising goal with just under six months to go until the marathon!! I’ve already got my next raffle in the works — stay tuned!

Anyway, before I get to this weekend, I realized today I forgot to recap a few fun events two weekends ago! Matt and I decided to have a date afternoon and wandered up to 86th Street to do some shopping. We fell in love a million years ago wandering around New York City, so wandering around holding hands with my boy brings me tons of happy memories :) One day we’ll make our way over to “our rock” in Strawberry Fields and I’ll tell you a super-cheesy story…;)

Our first stop on our shopping trip was JackRabbit Sports , and look who we saw in the window?



:D I was really hoping they’d recognize me in the store (I was even wearing the faded Sabres hat I’m wearing in the commercial!), but no such luck. We were successful in getting Matt some decent sneakers; his old ones were shedding foam lining around our apartment! Here’s my guy running in sexy rolled-up jeans on the JackRabbit treadmills (so they can assess his gait):


I think those were the shoes he wound up buying — turns out he’s a neutral shoe person, just like me! When I first started walk/running I was a supinator (rolled too heavily on the sides of my feet, but my gait has since neutralized.

After a quick wander through Barnes and Noble we went to a German restaurant Matt’s been dying to try for years: Heidelberg . I inappropriately call it “Hindenberg,” just like I call our local Mexican place 879-Taco “ 867-5309 Taco.” Sometimes, I don’t know why he puts up with me! ;)

Also, Anthony Bourdain went here on his “Hidden NYC” episode of No Reservations, and his Keen’s Chophouse recommendation was spot-on (we went there for our first wedding anniversary), so we were hoping he wouldn’t steer us wrong.

I ordered the bratwurst with a side of applesauce and potato pancakes:



I apologize for the less-than-stellar pictures; it was really dark in there and I didn’t want to offend with my camera! The bratwurst was a little greasy but perfectly seasoned and delicious, the applesauce tasted homemade, but the potato pancakes were a little too rich and heavy for my taste. I’m looking forward to giving this place another shot sometime in the future, and trying their famous boot of beer!


( source )

Anyway, onto this weekend! Saturday was spent at Sarah and Andrey’s wedding on Long Island — if you’ll recall, we celebrated Sarah’s shower and bachelorette last Saturday, and had a little too much fun! ;) Here are some of the shots I got at the ceremony and reception:


The groom walking his mama down the aisle:






The bride’s brother and the groom’s sister:


Pam, the maid of honor, looking super-hot with the smoky eyes!


The nervous groom! :)


The gorgeous bride, walking with her mom and dad :D


Vows and lovely words and such (and talk about their shared love for the *ahem* Yankees :( )


First kiss! Also, doesn’t the officiant look like Eloise Hawking from LOST? Matt and I couldn’t stop laughing about that!


A blurry shot of the newlyweds sprinting down the aisle! :)


The day started out thunderstormy and gloomy, but during the ceremony the clouds parted and we were greeted with GORGEOUS weather:



Ush, Pam and I during the cocktail hour:


The amazingly gorgeous centerpieces:


Cutting the cake!



Awww :)


Congratulations again, you two — we had such a wonderful time!! Though I am kicking myself for not getting any pictures of Matt in his suit (or any of me with the bride!! what a dumdum I am!); the boy cleans up REALLY well! Here he is in a tux on our big day:


:D Love him so! We spent most of the day today vegging out, watching baseball (stupid Mets! what a crazy game!), and reminiscing. For those of you with significant others/spouses, did you think you’d meet them when you did? Or single people, did you think you’d be married by a certain age/have a plan for these sorts of things? I NEVER thought I’d fall in love with “the one” (I kind of hate that phrase) at 18; I figured I’d date a little and settle down in my late-20s/early-30s like my cousins did. Funny how things turn out…:)

Finally, time for my latest challenge! I admit I’ve had pretty terrible luck with challenges lately, but I was inspired to start this one after writing my success post . Let me just start by saying that this challenge is going to be a little bit different. This challenge will have no daily check-ins or points awarded for daily vegetable servings/number of minutes exercising. Put simply, here are the rules:

  • Comment on this post with one (or more) goals you want to accomplish in the next 30 days (ending June 8th), and
  • Comment on my June 8th post honestly about how you did with your goal(s).   

Did you workout everyday? Awesome! Didn’t set foot in the gym? That’s fine too! Please also comment on what you think held you back from being successful: was your goal too ambitious? Were you feeling sick all month? Did you have too much stress?

Remember that putting yourself out there and committing to doing something for thirty days is a success in and of itself, and to reward that success there’s an awesome prize for a random challenge participant:



The DVDs and water bottle fit pretty handily into the lunch tote! :) Not that you need workout DVDs temperature-controlled or anything, I’m just saying…


Don’t forget to comment below with your goal(s) for the next 30 days! For me, my goals are to:

  • Blog at least once a day for the next 30 days
  • Journal everything I eat for the next 30 days

Have a great night, everyone!! :)

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