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Motivation Monday: Let’s crunch the numbers

Posted Jan 28 2013 6:08pm

(Let's get back to motivating on Monday, mmmkay?)

The weight stayed the same on the scale this week (I call the Withings scale my “concrete scale” because when you step on it, the number uploads to the Internet, no goofing allowed) but that’s not the whole story.

My body fat percentage is going down, so the “fluff” is muscling up – all in all a good thing.

And I’ve been racking up more hours sleeping – no more late-night TV watching and Facebook noodling. It’s more important to sleep than to surf. My Fitbit keeps track of those zzzz's as does my Withings phone app.

The other great number – my blood pressure.

I don’t have a problem with blood pressure but it has a tendency to get kinda borderline when I don’t work out enough.

Since I instituted my “Zumba Every Day” game plan last week, I got in six workouts the past week. This week I’m helping my goal by scheduling it for 11 a.m. every day. It’s the best time of day for me – breakfast has been in me a couple of hours, it’s before noon, the coffee has kicked in and my energy and motivation are still high.

I didn't even hit the 'clear' button.
So, the blood pressure. I took a picture of it yesterday at the grocery store:

Ultimately, that’s more important than any number on a scale.

But those other numbers have me motivated to do better this week with working out and meal planning so perhaps The Mother of All Plateaus will break soon.

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