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Morning Routines

Posted Jul 31 2007 4:18pm 3 Comments

Every morning, I'm up by 4:30am to start my workout routine. First I meditate to clear my mind of all the negative backlash my inner self likes to throw out in the morning about going back to bed and putting off a day of working out.

Once I do that, I start doing stretches to get my limbs loose. I've found that to be invaluable in helping with some pre-existing pain I've had and it helps in my keeping a good posture because I'm reminded of how I sit, stand, and do other things.

From there, I go for my morning walk, which is nice, and this is around 5:30am. No one is out, the air is nice and cool, and I have the peace and solitude of a relatively empty exercise route to work at my own pace without harassment and fear of being judged either positively or negatively.

With me, it's ironic: I'll go on forever if someone makes a negative comment about me just to prove them wrong but let someone make a positive comment and I become the most self conscious person on earth.

Hence my preference for working out alone.

Anyway, after the walk, I come back home and do Yoga until 7:00am. I'm not really formally trained. I'm mainly using asanas remembered from the Wai Lana episodes they bring on Howard University Television in the mornings.

I've tried aerobics before but Yoga seems to work better for me regarding muscle toning. I want to build more muscle so I can burn more fat and all aerobics seem to do for me is give me stiff joints. Whereas with Yoga, everything but my joints get stiff. I can feel a physical effect in my muscles.

After that, I try to spend the rest of the day moving around as much as possible. So far, I'm down to 212lbs from the 220 I was a few weeks ago. I consider that a positive.

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Walking early in the morning sounds like a perfect thing to do, especially in Baltimore. I used to live there and know how muggy and hot it gets in the summer. We all have to do the workout that works best for us; some are motivated by classes and others need solitude. You have the discipline to exercise alone and it sounds like you're doing it all! I especially like your mindfulness when it comes to posture. I am working on keeping my shoulders from creeping up and also holding in my stomach which tends to pooch out. Keep it up!
I have tried for a couple of years now to keep a steady workout plan. During the middle of the school year, I started doin yoga every morning an sumtimes at night, the goin for a nice walk or jog in the morning. I kept that up for like a week or two and then nothing. For some reason I can't keep goin with a plan, no matter how hard I try. It seems that I'm doing nothing but gaining. I don't have a steady plan again yet, but I'm trying to do things better, but its really hard for some reason. I envy you for the fact that you can keep goin. Haha, I just hope I can find it to keep going. -Danielle
I'm a veggie too in a world of meat pushers/eaters. It's been hard but I've been resourceful and stocked up on a lot...A LOT of dried goods like beans...7 kilos of beans... 0_o As to working out, have you considered keeping a journal? I've found it really helps me out when I write out my progress and I keep mine online mainly to share with/join with friends of mine in the common goal of getting more healthy.
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