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More Tips On How to Burn Body Fat

Posted Jun 16 2009 5:25pm

133677418_58ab886c23[1] Here are some tips that have been found in studies to help with burning body fat.

Make sure you have enough iron in your diet

This is a very important mineral as far as your body is concerned, if you aren’t getting enough of it you can tend to feel tired.

What actually happens is your cells don’t tend to get enough oxygen to them, and as a result of this it will slow down your metabolism, in order to get enough iron in your diet you need to be eating the following foods some red meat, certain types of cereals, black pudding, cashew nuts.

If you are feeling tired a lot and it might be wise to see your health care practitioner or GP, and ask to see whether or not you are suffering from a problem related to low iron in your blood.

Ditch Alcohol

Whether or not you are, having a meal at home or at a restaurant it’s very tempting to complement that with some alcohol, even though there is nothing wrong with that in moderation at times, your probably far better off drinking water instead, the reason being is alcohol tends to work on your central nervous system by the depressing it somewhat.

A study which was conducted in Britain concluded that when you add alcohol to a high fat and a high calorific meal, your body doesn’t burn as much fat, and more fat will be stored. So bear this in mind when you’re going to have a meal or drink. When you come back from a binge drinking session you become that hungry, you can almost eat anything so there is a lesson to be learned from doing that.

Have some dairy products

Some women whom were part of a study, which was published in something called “Obesity Research”. Ate low dairy products to see what effect it would have on them, during the trial period they were told to eat low- fat yoghurt and cheese.

And instructed to eat this three or four times in a day, the findings were from the study that, calcium speeds up the process of fat burning, says the author of the study Michael Zemel.

In order for this to work effectively you must eat dairy products. Anything which is said to be fortified with calcium won’t actually work so please do bear that in mind.

Eat plenty of fish

Make sure you’re getting plenty of, fatty fish in your diet it’s been shown that people who tend to have, fish regularly as par of their dietary habits tend to have lower levels of a hormone called leptin, this is a good thing for people who want to keep weight off, because if you have high levels of this hormone in your body, it slows your metabolic rare down which may lead to obesity long term.

The advice given is to eat three to four times a week some fatty fish, these are tuna, salmon or mackerel or any other fatty fish. You can take supplements but just make sure you ge the right advice from someone who is a expert in there field.

Meditate or chill/relax more

Have some me time in this day and age we can tend to lead very hectic and stressful lifestyles, one particular study which was done in California found that when you’re stressed, your body releases a hormone which is known as cortisol, this will cause your appetite centre to turn on and also it will cause your metabolism to go in decline as well.

So if you can find a place to practise mindfulness for at least 30 minutes each day. If you can’t manage that then 15 or 20 will suffice, the thing to do is make sure that you do it on a daily basis. Your body and your waistline will thank you for it.

Eat more fruit especially bananas

The reason for eating more bananas is they contain a lot of the mineral potassium, not only is it good for lowering your blood pressure but also they can put your metabolism in a high gear, what tends to happen is the potassium balances your water levels better, when you are dehydrated you tend to burn less calories when exercising.

Make sure you get plenty of sleep

Getting eight hours of sleep is a very important factor, in keep your metabolism in working order, in a study conducted in Chicago at a medical centre, they monitored people whom had only had four hours of sleep, they were found to not process carbohydrate so well. The researchers came to the conclusion that the reason for this was too much insulin in their bloodstream, and the hormone cortisol again.

When you’re tired and lacking energy, your body doesn’t run as effectively as when you have had sufficient sleep. So burning themidnight oil isn’t such a good idea if you are trying to get fit and lose weight.

And what with the way we tend to lead our lives by trying to cram as much in as we possibly can into a day. We may be doing more harm to ourselves than actual good. So hopefully these tips will ensure that you burn body fat and stay leaner.


Post from: Weight Loss Blog (Lose That Tyre)

More Tips On How to Burn Body Fat

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