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More Thoughts About The Number On The Scale

Posted Oct 12 2012 9:52am

So, if you’ve been reading, you know that I recently weighed myself for the first time in well over three years.

I want to clarify a few of things, based on the comments to that post:

Something I understand now that I didn’t understand three years ago is that I am in control of my thoughts about any given circumstance, and that my thoughts guide my feelings, behaviors, and results.

This is something that I practice.

The number didn’t have an effect on my mood or feelings, because I didn’t make the number mean anything in particular.

Several years ago I lost 55 pounds and I made that mean that I was okay. Then I regained almost half of it. I made that mean that I wasn’t okay.

Although I had a fleeting thought that I would like it if the number were 10-15 pound less than it was, I haven’t gained that amount over the past three years. I weigh less today than I did three years ago.

I was able to notice that fleeting thought for what it is: a thought and not a harsh judgment or criticism, or “should.”

Based on how my clothes fit me, I know my weight has fluctuated a little over the past three years.

If I were to lose 15 pounds it wouldn’t mean that I was okay or not okay, and by the same token, if I don’t lose 15 pounds it wouldn’t impact my okay-ness.

I will continue to weigh myself as the spirit moves me.

Bottom line: the number on the scale does not affect my thoughts, and therefore it doesn’t dictate how I feel, what I choose to eat or drink, or how much or little I exercise. The motivation to eat well and move my body comes from a different place.

I strive to live proactively, consistently, which doesn’t mean I am perfect, 24/7/365. It means I take imperfect action most of the time. I “just do it” more than I don’t. It’s a practice.

Do you understand the connection between your thoughts, feelings, actions, and results?

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