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More Tales of the Scale

Posted Jun 02 2010 12:58pm

I finally caved a week ago and bought batteries for my scale. I really wanted to get a handle on the number these days. I gave it a good week off to try to get out of the mentality, but to no avail. I still need to see those numbers. But there was a problem. Doesn’t it figure?

I put the new 9V battery in the scale and nuthin’. No numbers, not even the little red light that lets me know the scale is at least thinking. I think its dead. I’m bummed because it was a good scale. Anyway, not one to be discouraged when I set my mind to something , I set out the next day to Target to buy a replacement scale. I went on the cheap side but a good brand name because I just didn’t want to spend the money on something others might see as frivolous. Besides, money is tighter than my jeans these days.

I get the scale home, take it out of the box and the plastic wrapping, all shiny and new. I pull the little tag from underneath the lithium battery (how high-tech) and I step on with one eye closed, afraid of what it’s going to tell me. And what does it tell me?


Err5? What the hell is Err5? I know that’s not my weight. I head to the instruction booklet. No Err5. There’s an Err2. If I weighed more than 330 pounds, I would have gotten that error. But I don’t think I’ve done that much damage in a week. I took the scale back to Target and got my money back. Now it’s been two weeks at least since my last weigh-in.

I could have gotten another scale but I was frustrated. I will probably head out tonight or tomorrow to find something. Maybe the old, analog kind that doesn’t require batteries. Those are cool cause you can play with the O setting and fudge it a little. Do they even make those anymore?

I’m not sure I really want to know what I weigh anyway after Memorial Day weekend. But it’s probably a good idea to find out.

Someday, I swear, I’m going to break the scale habit!

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