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More Free Weight Loss and Resource Sites

Posted Jun 15 2009 4:10pm

Here are five more sites that I came across that will be useful to people whom are trying to get fitter and lose weight.

The first is:

Walker Tracker


This site has a novel twist it came from a idea when the owner and his family and friends started to track how far they had walked using there pedometers. Here is what they say on the site

“We’re trying to change the world. We’re trying to get you and us and everyone we know off the elevator and out of the car and onto the sidewalks and trails.
We’re doing it one step at a time. Get up, stand up and walk.

Walker Tracker started in Portland, Oregon in January of 2006 after Ben’s brother gave everyone in the family pedometers. There was an immediate addiction. The result? We were healthier, more active, we spent less time driving. Backaches went away and energy sprung up in its place. David suggested Ben make a site to track who had walked the most. Voila!

We’ve grown tremendously since then, becoming a home to many walking communities and people looking to improve their health and fitness, drop a few pounds or change their lifestyle. Join us!”

Walker tracker is free to join all you need is a pedometer and to register on the site and your away.

Peer Trainer

The next on our list is peer trainer, is a weight loss community with articles and is free to register here is what they say about it on there site.

Our core mission here is to make sure you have the tools, support, guidance and information you need to be successful in losing weight and improving your health” they have groups and teams you can join or you can create one of your own. Also they have a “ Weight Loss Bootcamp.” This is a series of 4 calls that are sent to you each week that will help you get into the proper mindset of successful, long term weight loss. They also give you a set of rules to follow in situations like parties and eating out. Users are finding that the combination of the daily logging, groups and teams, daily tips and weekly calls provide a powerful system and program”.


They are at

Third on my list is

Gimme 20

Even though this sounds like something a drill sergeant might say I dare say it’s not that bad. the actual layout is that of a blog with articles related to losing weight, it’s free to register. There are tools and widgets you can you use to track what your doing. A lot of the articles are from ezine articles the free article directory. its well worth a look there are communities you can join as well.


Next up is

Run Fat Boy

This is a very basic site for beginners you can track on it, your workouts, food, and a online journal you can fill in.


And last is

Daily Burn


And here is what they about there site

Better Fitness Results in Less Time.

* Track what you eat with a few clicks – almost no data entry.
* Record your workouts in minutes – get insight, accelerate progress.
* Find people to keep you accountable – reach your goals!

Daily Burn is the fastest-growing diet and fitness tracking site on the web

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More Free Weight Loss and Resource Sites

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