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Monsters Are Our Friends & High Fives

Posted Jun 08 2010 6:02pm

Salutations Sweethearts,

How are my lovelies doing today? My day started off well. My cold and sunburn seem to be getting better (crossing fingers, toes and eyes), thank goodness.

I gathered all the ingredients I needed to make the infamous green monsters and starred at them on the counter. See, when I ‘bought’ this new knock off Magic Bullet I had great intentions and ideas. Margaritas, strawberry daiquiris, pina coladas, delicious alcoholic beverages, obviously. To tell you the truth, I didn’t believe you all. When you blogged about the green monsters being great, the spinach being virtually tasteless. I thought ‘yeah right, I call bullshit’, but I added 2 cups of spinach, two heaping tablespoons of yogurt, half a cup of milk, three strawberries, half a banana, some ice, and blended away. I was nervous. My mom looked at the cup, then back at me and said “Well…go ahead, try it!”. I took a tiny sip and was shocked. Now mind you, I do have a cold so my taste buds are very dull lately, but man, I REALLY enjoyed that green monster. Now I feel like a twit for waiting so long to make one of those delicious things! I’ve already pre-portioned all my spinach for the rest of weeks green monsters.  I like the idea of gms because they’re just like my overnight oatmeal, there’s tons of add ins and variations. Is it dorky to be this excited about a breakfast food? I think not! I meant to take pictures but there was not a battery to be found in my house.

My eating has been on point lately. I haven’t been going crazy and I’ve been tracking. High five for progress people!

The one thing I really need to work on is being more active. I’ve been getting lots of extracurricular activity (sunburns mean being on the bottom is pretty impossible. TMI? Yes? Thought so…) with the boy, seeing as he was away for a bit. High five for being ridiculously open on this blog! I have exercise ADD. I was liking the Wii for a bit. That fell off. I was kind of getting into the C25K, that fell off. Hopefully the smaller I get, the more active I will want to be. Maybe then I’ll find my groove. Hopefully.

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