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Monday Weigh Day & Popping my Green Monster Cherry

Posted Jun 07 2010 5:03pm

Hey Chiquita Bonitas,

I’m sunburnt (I put sunscreen on, I swear), I have a wicked summer cold and my stomach is still a little off but…..I’m so happy. Well I mean, I’m happy when I’m not slathering aloe vera cream all over my crimson coloured skin, blowing my stuffed up nose and running to the bathroom after ingesting the slightest hint of solid food (TMI? ..Thought so). But I’m happy.

I decided to bring back Monday Is Weigh Day because I haven’t been doing so great on my own, ignoring the scale. Basically, I’ve maintained this whole time, only to lose and gain the same 5 pounds. Embarrassing? Yes. Life shattering? No. I’m not going to get all Debbie downer on myself this time because really, what’s the point? I feel bad for myself, eat, then feel worse. I’ve made my fair share of mistakes during this process. I really doubt how serious I’ve been but you all have heard this before. I’m not going to say this time I really mean it, or this time feels different..nope..not going to do it. I really wish I had the extra cash to attend WW meetings but I don’t. I do, however, have everything I need. If I can’t go to meetings, I’ll stick to Monday morning weighs in and all will be right with the world. I love myself enough to want better for myself. I’m a great person, a great body will just be the cherry on top. And I’m surrounded by amazing examples and great inspiration e.g my GTA Blogger Chicks and all the frequent commenters who keep me going (you guys know who you are). Steven Tyler sang it best when he said “life's a journey, not a destination’ so I refuse to feel sad for myself until I fall in love (or like at least) with my body. Moving right on…

Today my mom purchased the Betty Crocker rip off of the Magic Bullet. Tomorrow for breakfast I’m going to attempt to make a green monster. The only problem is, I don’t have any flax, does it matter?

I’ll let you know how it goes..

By the way: I’m down –2.2 pounds. And so it starts…again.

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