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Monday Musings

Posted Mar 15 2010 6:00am
Why do women wear full make-up to the gym? I just--do--not--get--it.  Not talking about a little mascara, maybe some lip gloss.  But a FULL FACE.  Liquid, powder, blush, eye liner, eye shadow, lip stick. Not just one or two but a hand-full in every class. It's odd.

Maybe because I've fought with acne my entire life, I'm extra sensitive. The sight makes me cringe just a little. Even more so because we're all assembled in the advance class. This is the hardcore, take-no-prisoners-I am going to make a woman (or man) out of you if it kills me- class. Bottom-line you are going to sweat-A LOT! Rivers of orange and tan all over your work-out towel. Yum.
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