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Monday morning workout full of progress, and I am just full of amazing energy!

Posted Aug 23 2010 5:19am
Hey Bloggers. I thought I would come on quick and give you an update regarding a few things being a MONDAY.

First off, I would like to happily mention that I am down 6 lbs combined regarding the last 2 weeks! I like those numbers and am very HAPPY with them!! However, this is the last time I will weigh myself until my months end when I do a webcam update, where I will hopefully be able to get on that somewhat special scale at the gym so I can release to you all the more IMPORTANT numbers.

As far as the scale, I just like to really do that once in a while, but I DO NOT rely solely on that! And neither should you!! I only did this to see if I am on the right track and if I am coming along the way I thought I would be and judging from those numbers, not to mention how I have been feeling, seems like I am! But its so much more important for me to see INCHES dropping and FAT % loss! Who cares if we seem to weigh heavier on a scale as far as numbers when we look AMAZING in a pair of jeans right? Would you really care? NOT ME. I would take looking amazing rather then having just low numbers thats for sure.

Also this morning regarding tackling this new week, and my workout routine which was weights&cardio combined today(my harder workout days) I was so thrilled to see that even my STRENGTH has gone up for me a WHOLE LOT! I was able to jump those numbers on the weight machines by an amazing 10 lbs for most of my machines/exercises, although just a few exeptions where I was only able to jump 5 lbs. But all in all they ALL WENT UP. That is just fabulous! Those are numbers I will take. Really shows that my hard work is paying off, and that this workout routine that I chose to do is working WONDERS for my body, and most importantly my ULTIMATE FAT FIGHTERS in regards to weightloss (MUSCLES) that will help me dearly today and FOR SURE down the road!!!

Ahhh the joys! :)

Yesturday before eating my usual menu plan,  I sat down and REDID my self made nutritional program. There were a few things I wanted to adjust/tweek that I thought needed tweeking. So yesturday was my first day of eating by my brand new menu, and I have to say, it left me feeling FULL, SATISFIED, and was just under 1400 cals! So I think, THINK I may have figured out a good menu to stick with that is much more balanced which has my needed protein rations, good carbs along with starches (I have decided to drop my fruits for now) as well for the next few weeks just for now. I will keep them for only SUNDAYS
Also now that I feel more mentally strong and more positive, I have decided to keep my cheat days to only SUNDAYS. I have given myself the right if I decide to or feel the NEED to, to eat whatever my heart desires on that day, BUT ONLY THAT DAY ALONE.
I need to try and do 95% clean eating for most of the week. At least for this stage of the game, and I feel like I actually WANT TO surprisingly:) IS THAT NOT CRAZY!!

I really feel that I am on my way again. I believe I am past the "tough" point of trying to make it a habit of even going to the gym, so much so that some mornings I wake myself up naturally without my alarm because I am just so pumped and ready to burn! I have alot of updated music on my MP3 player which helps tremendously..and so ready to do this again!

I have already started to mmentally visualize which is also so IMPORTANT. Might sound cheezy but I see myself at the end already, and looking so healthy and strong..being at a club, wearing some really nice clothes and just feeling like I am on top of the world! I also see a nice updated picture of me in the end, to post on this blog..and on my facebook account. LOL
Something that displays all around BALANCE with oneself! OH boy, that looks so good right now. It sounds so amazing friends. THAT is truely what I am after this time! All around BALANCE, with myself. Not one way MORE then the other..but to really smile and be happy and to unlock the secret to ONGOING success down the road.

Anyways, thats my update. Dont want to write too much. Would like to be able to talk more in my next webcam so have to put some of my writing aside;)
Although my notebook that I bring to the gym where I mark my weights and how much I can lift to keep track today SADLY when doing my cardio after training was getting all SOAKED on the ledge where I placed it without knowing it! There was a big leak there, and so it kind of ran my ink a little bit (ok more then a little bit)...and on the back of THAT page, was where I was keeping all my NOTES for my webcam update on topics I wanted to share and talk about:-(((
 So later on today, I will have to see if I can even read what I wrote and write them on something else
Ohhh man..but its all GOOD so who cares...-D
Talk soon..
Cheers to health
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