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Monday, Monday...

Posted Feb 01 2010 12:00am
Is anyone else sad the weekend is over? I was just starting to relax when all of a sudden, it was time to return to work this morning. Oh well, there's only four more days until Friday. :)

Sunday evening Prashant and I ate dinner out with his parents at Zen Vegetarian Restaurant in Westminster. We ordered a little of everything to share: cabbage and lotus root salad (yum), spring rolls (double yum), a spicy soup, sweet and sour tofu and yellow curry. If you like or don't mind fake "meat" then you will like Zen. They use a lot of different kinds of soy protein in their dishes... I especially like the fake "ham." Whenever at Zen, we order a ton of food but never leave feeling full or weighed down because everything is so light (pretty healthy too). I was so hungry that I forgot to take photos. My husband joked that I should take pictures of the aftermath! We went to town, no dish left behind!

This morning I toasted waffles (Nature's Path) for breakfast. I wanted to slather peanut butter all over them, but I'm out (gasp!). Instead of peanut butter, I drizzled them with maple syrup. I also sliced a banana on the side.

My waffles didn't hold me over long, and so I found myself digging into my lunch bag by 10 am. First, I nibbled on carrots and then an apple. My snacks did the trick for a while, but I was hungry again before lunch time. Lunch was leftover food sent home with us from Prashant's mom: rice pilaf with veggies and a potato and pea shak. Both were delicious! Unfortunately, I was still hungry (and cold) afterwards.

I found a hand warmer at the coffee cart- a tall nonfat hot chocolate and some almonds in my desk. I wonder what I'll be hungry for next? It's another one of those days... Dear Stomach: please settle down and quit growling!

Now, it's time to figure out what to cook for dinner and read some blogs! Have a great evening!!
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