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Modifying Your Pattern of Eating to Lose Unwanted Weight. What’s It Take?

Posted Jul 07 2013 6:53am

The ability to maintain large changes in what and how much you eat requires you to permanently adopt a modified pattern of eating. How possible is this?

What have you done to prepare yourself to accomplish this feat? Have you let yourself know just how difficult a task this is? If not, you might be fooling yourself into believing that all it takes is going on a diet. Or you may think that you feel strong enough and you have the weight loss willpower this time to do it. Both of these avenues aren’t preparation.

Preparation is thinking and planning and rehearsing. How, for instance, will you keep up your motivation for losing weight when you and your diet sail into rough waters? What will you do under circumstance x, and what will you do differently under circumstance y? What about practicing beforehand? Before you go full steam into the weight loss process, you could try to do some things that will let you know what the pitfalls will be, give you a motivational head start, and get you some additional confidence that you can do what you are setting out to do. You might, in this regard, try regulating your portions, not eating too much. You could also try keeping your weight right where it is, which would mean that you are interrupting your weight gaining behavior as preparation for beginning the actual weight loss routine

Adopting a permanently modified eating pattern can be made a whole lot easier if you prepare for it.


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