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Modern Meditations: Press Play and a Giveaway!

Posted Feb 15 2010 10:52am

You guys know I love tunes that make me want to sweatbut I also love chill tunes for cookingwritingand relaxing. As part of my February “take a daily mental break” goalI have been spending more time listening to music and reading at nightand it’s been great! So when I heard about these new CDsModern MeditationsI was super excited to give them a listen. And the company was kind enough to send me the albums to reviewbecause I had a feeling you guys would dig them!

So the whole idea is that as youngerhipper chicks (like us) might want to bliss out to music…but not want to bliss out with weird music that’s all New Age shit. I meandon’t get me wrongNew Age shit has its time and placebut I like the Modern Meditations “no pan flutesno wind chimes allowed” motto.

I reviewed three albums: Rock ClassicsModern Classicsand The Sounds of the Beatles. I listened to each album last week and I am loving them — they are so chilland great background musicbut when you hear the hookofsay“Clocks” or “Losing My Religion,” you realize how modern it actually is!

I made this little music video so you could hear a sample — this is the Rolling Stones! (This song is a bit slower than the others.)

My favorite album is definitely “Modern Classics,” but that’s just my taste in music. It has songs like “Hallelujah,” “Ray of Light,” and “Come As You Are.” YesI will stretch out to Nirvanathank you very much! Even though I’m not generally into rockthe Rock Classics album is still bad ass. And you can’t go wrong with The Beatles! There is also U2Coldplayand more in the works (Bob MarleyRadioheadand Indie Classicswhich I’m really excited about).

What I liked is that even though all the albums were super chillthey didn’t make me want to fall asleep at my desk. Definitely good for instructors (I’ll be adding these songs to my spinning playlists for the cool-down)but really just good for anyone who wants some background tunes while they are working but gets distracted by words or songs that get stuck in your head (like me).

And the good news is, I have a copy of each CD to give away! That means I get to make your week if you are one of THREE lucky winners! Here’s how to enter:

1. Leave a comment on this post telling me your favorite way to bliss out! (Mine is reading magazines and doing my nails!)

2. Be sure you’re following me on Twitter and Tweet about this giveaway @ShedItAndGetIt (make sure you include the link to this post)…and then comment on THIS POST letting me know you did.

3Write about this giveaway on your blog or Facebook profile and include the link to this post…and then comment on this post letting me know!

You can enter EACH wayEACH DAY till Friday Feb. 19 at 6:00 PM. Just be sure to leave me a comment every time you enter; I’ll select a random winner from the comments! If you don’t want to risk your luckyou can head to the Modern Meditations Web site to order your CD right now.

Blog giveaways are SWEET! I just won a $25 iTunes gift card from Fitness and Spice yesterday. So have fun entering over and over again; I’m excited to make three of you very blissful and happy!

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