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Mmm Nuts?

Posted Nov 14 2012 10:00am

Are nuts good for you?

Of course they are!

A lot of people ask me will nuts make them gain weight?

Like anything it depends. Rarely does your body store fat from eating fat, however if you’re eating like 3-4 handfuls a day you may have a problem. Especially if you already have a dysfunctional digestive system. Fats will always slow digestion. We need them, and lots of varieties. But over eating them will cause digestive stress and reduce the nutrient intake of other foods. It’s not as big of an issue with the fat from raw nuts or fruits like Avocado’s, but we should still be concerned. Even small amounts of man made or animal fats on the other hand will likely cause complications.

There are two things to look out for in nuts: Quality and method of preparation. Most nuts are good for you, however when they store for long periods of time out of the shell or their cooked, they often lose their nutrients and can be harmful for your health.

Peanuts for example should always be consumed in moderation and only from good quality sources. It’s no secret there one of the most common allergens, as well they are often likely to grow the aflatoxin mould, which is among the most carcinogenic substance known. 

It is especially important you get you peanut butters and any other nut butter from a natural source. Stay away from any with additives as there likely to have added sugar, vegetable oils, and poor quality nut sources.

Method of preparation is also key. If your nuts are roasted, or fried in hydrogenated oils your basically eating garbage. Many of the important nutrients are often void. It’s alright to enjoy your nuts with a little salt, but you must ensure the source is sea salt.

Experiment with all the different varieties.

Walnuts are great for inflammation due to the high omega 3 content.

Almonds are high in finer and full of nutrients. Almonds are actually best if soaked for 12 hours as if you were to sprout a seed. This releases more nutrients.

Cashews are high in the essential minerals iron, zinc, and magnesium.

Pecans are high in antioxidants.

Brazil nuts are high in selenium.

You’re not going to agree with every nut you put in your body. Start off with two separate half handfuls of raw nuts per day and see what happens. One of the greatest advantages of eating nuts is the feeling of satisfaction after you eat them. Due to the fat and fibre content your often full for an hour two after.

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