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Mmm Chocolate…This is defiantly my weakness. Is chocolate...

Posted Aug 28 2012 9:55am

Mmm Chocolate…

This is defiantly my weakness. Is chocolate healthy? What do you think? Right now there is all kinds of marketing messages out there now to convince us it is. In a way it is, but not necessarily all the time.

Where chocolate comes from - the cocoa bean aka super food is beneficial for the following reasons
Has more antioxidants than nearly every known food on this planet.

High in Magnesium and Chromium which Americans are often deficient in. An interesting fact is sometimes chocolate cravings can be linked to low magnesium levels, esspicially in women.

High levels of Vitamin C

Contains the amino acid tryptophan which will help to regulate sleep patterns, improve your mood as well as help you de-stress.

The cocoa bean is quite gross. However if you crush it up and add it to some home made trail mix or hemp hearts you won’t notice the difference. You can also add the raw powder to shakes or use it as a topping.

Will you get the same benefits out of your traditional chocolate bar? Here in lies the problem. When you heat the cocoa bean and process it, it will lose a lot of of its beneficial properties. As I’m sure you heard the darker the better, this means it’s closest to the purest form. The lower the percentage i.e under 70% the more sugar, saturated fat, soy and so on that has been added. Enjoy these seldomly, a few squares of dark chocolate per day won’t do you any harm.


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