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Mission Track: Day 2

Posted Feb 17 2010 6:23pm

Hey Everyone,

First off, let me just thank everyone who commented on yesterdays post and the others who usually comment on my blog. I freakin’ love the heck out of you guys. You all inspire me daily and your comments mean a lot. Moving on…today has been a good day.

I have had a love/hate relationship with eggs for the past couple years. I used to love them, then I couldn’t eat them without feeling sick. I made one for breakfast today and guess what? No nausea. YAY! I think making it in the microwave without cooking it in oil helped a lot. By the way, for those who mentioned that oil can = a gallbladder problem, thanks a lot. I’ll be sure to mention it to my doctor.

Here’s my yummy breakfast:


For lunch:


And dinner:


Can you tell that when I really like something, I really like it? I’ve had the same meal for dinner last night, and twice today. High five for eating leftovers and being economical.

This is what I looked like for much of the day:


Mmmmm. Water. 3.5L in today. Drinking water always makes me feel accomplished.

And here is my completed tracker. Day 2.


Kerry over at Skinny Me challenged my to track every day for a month. Even though it can be tedious, it’s proven to work. How can I not do something that has been proven, time and time again, to work? It’s going to be tricky this weekend, because I won’t be spending it at home but I’m thankful I have friends who won’t make fun of me for tracking before I eat.

The BFF and I are going on a hike this weekend around the Humber Trail. We grew up in that area so we’re familiar with all the trails.Sure, it’s fun to walk along a nicely paved path but last time we took a walk, we adventured off the trail and it was really fun. I’m bringing my timberland boots and we’re going to explore. I’m oddly excited. I never used to be into those things but I guess little by little, my old shitty lifestyle is being kicked to the curb. Out with the bad, in with the good I suppose. I better walk my ‘little’ tush off because I know at least one bottle of wine will be consumed this weekend.

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