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Misleading Information Impedes Healthy Weight Loss Progress

Posted May 26 2010 3:00am

Many food and beverage products advertise as being good for healthy weight loss.  However, there is often one major problem with these products.

They aren’t telling the whole truth.

Here’s an example of misleading information: Vitamin Water has just 50 calories per serving.  Sounds perfect for someone following a healthy diet plan.  Few calories and extra vitamins.  The misleading part becomes evident when you look at the label on the bottle and see that a serving size is 8 oz. with 2.5 servings per container.

Let’s not kid ourselves – or the bottling company – and say that we would drink 8 oz. and then put the rest away for later.  Most people drink the entire bottle and consume 125 calories, not 50.

This example shows how easy it is to think you’re following healthy eating plans and in reality you are being mislead.  The solution to this problem is for everybody to be aware that reading nutritional labels is the only way to get all the information you need to follow healthy diet plans.

If you can think of other examples like this one, or come across any now that you are aware, leave them in a comment below.  Let’s help increase each other’s awareness about healthy weight loss truths.




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