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Mini Mightyman Race Report

Posted Apr 25 2010 12:20pm

I made it! I opened my tri race season yesterday with the Mini Mightyman, a short, great starter race. I have to admit, pulling into the parking lot at 6:15 am, there was still part of me that wanted to turn around and go back to bed. But knowing I would have felt like crap if I did that, I sucked it up, got my packet and timing chip and went and got marked.

I wasn’t nearly as trained as I’d hoped for this race (the only biking I did all winter was on the trainer; I hadn’t taken the bike out on the road. Not once). And bricks? I did one. Last Tuesday night. Had I not broken my toe, maybe I would have been a little better about training, but that’s the way it goes.

All in all, though, I did ok. My total time was 1:06:51, just a few seconds longer than the race when I did it in August. My split times though were a little faster on all legs. I had a long transition period in transition 1, not sure why. Maybe I fell asleep for a minute or so? :-)

The weather was perfect. Couldn’t have asked for better weather for a race like this. A little chilly in the morning, especially running from the pool to the bike racks, but once on the bike and running, weather was perfect. Lots of sunshine, light breeze, about 55 degrees. Perfect.

Swim time (400 meters in a 50-meter lane pool) was 10:33. I was surprised by this because I was stuck behind a guy for a couple of lanes who swam slower than me but wouldn’t move far enough to the right so I could pass. I got kicked a couple of times and I had to stop twice. This is an area of this race where they could organize much better. They ask us to self-seed based on our swim times. I can’t even tell you how many people seeded in 8,9 minute slots when they should have been in the 12-15 minute group because they were not good swimmers. I understand wanting to get started, but by seeding yourself too far up in the swim, you screw up everyone else. I saw more pile-ups than I’ve witnessed in other pool races. It was frustrating. I swam this in 10:57 last year, so seeded at 11 minutes. Obviously the guy in front of me was slower than that. I ended up passing at least 4 or 5 people in front of me before I even got to him. I shouldn’t be able to catch the folks who claim to swim faster than me. Next time, I’m seeding faster, maybe 10 minutes. Could be I seeded too slow. I think it would be helpful if the organizers added more seed times too, maybe in 30-second increments.

touching the wall at the end of the swim!

I still felt strong after the swim and headed out to the bike. Moved really slow through the first transition (4:42 minutes–last year was 3.22); didn’t realize it. Maybe it took longer to dry off? Got on the bike (which I hadn’t had out on the road) and took off. My bike time was 23:39 minutes for 6 miles. The bike gave me a little trouble. I tried switching gears a couple of times and each time it would skip up a little before catching.  I really need a better bike, but it got me through the course. It’s a little discouraging to watch people passing me all over the place, but I persevered. I beat my August time by a few seconds though. August was 23.47.

Second transition was faster but still slower than last year. I was dawdling in transition I guess. I went back this time for water. T2 was 1:46. Last year was 1:32.

The run. Ah, the run. I still suck at running after being on the bike. On my last training run of the week, I did 2.5 miles at just under the 11 minute mile mark. On the course? Not even close. 2-mile run was 26:12, a teeny bit faster than last year but still really slow. Last year was 26.:25. That said, I did have to stop at the bathroom (I’d love it if Event Power would put porta-potties in the transition area instead of having to waste run time at the only bathroom on the course). And then about a half mile in on the run, my shoe came untied, so I had to stop to fix that.

Other than that, I ran most of the way, with one walking stop for a foot cramp. I just ran really slow. But here’s the difference. I actually started feeling pretty good with the run about 1.5 in and I felt like I finished strong. Last year, I had trouble mustering up any energy to come in strong at the end of the run.

It just takes me a really long time to get my legs back after the bike. There are no iPods allowed on this course and they are really strict. I think not having music hurts me here because I pace to my playlist and without it, I had some trouble getting my pacing to feel right. Guess I’ll have to run more without music.

With no training, I did ok. I finished.  I felt really good about actually going and doing this thing. I only decided on Wednesday that I would actually compete. I had withdrawn a couple of weeks ago after I hurt my toe. I feel like if I had been able to train consistently for the few weeks before the race, it would have been much better.

Always so happy to be done!

Race season has started, and I’m planning to train like crazy in the coming weeks. I have a race scheduled for early June. That one I plan to be trained for! It will be my first open-water swim. I think the pool swim this time was good practice for that one, since it was so unorganized. :-)

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