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Posted Feb 06 2013 2:56am
Your mind makes up everything about you. It's WHAT you are, regardless of "who" you are or what your occupation is. To understand more about yourself and what you truly are you have to get into the root of it all...MIND. Your mind is the catalyst for everything in your world. Trust me, I speak from personal experience. If you want to lose weight you MUST understand that it's a mental process. Your body is listening to every thought and every word you say. NEVER tell yourself you're fat. NEVER tell yourself you're sick. NEVER think that life is no good. Society has problems, life is beautiful. Please don't confuse the two. Don't waste time thinking about what others are doing or saying or how much weight THEY are losing, etc. It's irrelevant! Your weight loss is only about YOU! Try to stay out of the clock as much as possible. Your body doesn't understand what time the clock says. It's only feeding off of what YOU are giving it through your thoughts and feelings. Take control of yourself. Don't get lost in what companies and corporations are telling you. A diet only takes as long as you need it to. It can be eeked through or run through at lightning speed. In 2011 i had a life-changing experience which taught me the secret of weight loss and how to view life for what it really is. I was able to lose 70 lbs in 5 months with no exercise at all just by using logic and common sense. I can remote control my weight anyway i want. it's about knowledge and awareness. i just finished losing 15 lbs in a week and a half. Please feel free to ask me anything. BE the divine being that you are. Use everything that you're designed with. It's there to be used. -Logical Remedies
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