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Mind What You Eat: What’s on Your Mind If You’re Eating Too Much Food

Posted Nov 15 2012 5:00am

If you let your mind go just where it wanted to go, what would your mind make of your eating too much food and carrying all your unnecessary weight? Would it be too concrete—you’re overweight because you’ve been overeating—and not lead to anything constructive? It could intellectualize—a BMI of 29 and the need to go on a low-calorie diet. It might rationalize—because it’s become such an important crutch for me.  

What if your mind went to a forbidden place, somewhere you haven’t dared to go before, but a place that might solve the riddle of why you eat too much food and are carrying all that unwanted weight? What would that place look like for you? A suggestion: Try making up a fantasy, a real fantasy of what you’re trying to do for yourself by overeating and weight gain.

Examples: 1. The riches (delicious foods) fill the woman (you) and make her worth a lot more. 2. There’s a little child in me that needs love and tenderness (food), and she won’t live if she doesn’t get what she needs. 3. The fairy princess (food) is always there when I need her. She chases away my sadness, fills me with joy (eating), and lets me know she’ll always be with me (full stomach and bulging hips).


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