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Mind Over Body.... or.... Body Over Mind??

Posted Oct 14 2009 12:00am
Yesterday I took the morning off from running and did a 45 min Tae Bo workout. I was so sore this morning I could barely get out of bed . Putting my shirt on was a whole different kind of pain.

I was out on the high school track by 5 a.m. and started my warm up by walking once around the track. My body was protesting every move. Every step was in agony. But I took a deep breath and pushed to go a little faster. Once the blood was flowing I stopped and stretched a little bit before starting my run.

Being able to run a whole mile without stopping on Monday morning really showed me that the boundaries I have set up in my head really control what I do in my life. I have never been a runner. That mile was the first mile I have ever done IN MY LIFE without stopping. Why? Because in my head I always said I couldn't do it. That I was never, and will never be, a runner.

Well, guess what.... I'm a runner. This morning, through the cold and the pain, I ran another mile without stopping. Even when that voice in my head was saying "STOP... you can't do this" ... I kept reminding it that "YES, yes, I can".

Now that I have lost a majority of the weight, my body is ready to move ahead. To get stronger and healthier... but being heavy for the majority of my life has caused my brain to stay in the 'I'm too fat' box. Doubting that I can really do anything as crazy as being a runner. I have to keep reminding it that I'm no longer the fat girl. I have to keep telling myself : Yes, I can.

Becoming healthy is a battle of the body and mind... we have to remember to work on both.
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