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Milestone (swim…)

Posted May 27 2010 7:06pm

This morning I hit a milestone in my swim training…literally! I swam 80 laps in my odd-sized gym pool (it’s 23.5 yards instead of 25). That adds up to 1880 yards, actually 120 yards more than required for a mile (1760). I didn’t know the exact number this morning, so I figured I’d add the extra laps to be safe!

I’ve known for a while that I would be able to swim this distance, and the problem has for me been more time constraints rather than endurance. So today I dragged my butt out of bed 20 minutes earlier to make sure I’d have enough time.

When I got there this morning at 6:02 am, the pool was just the way I like it. Empty. Balmy. And dark. It makes for a very tranquil start to the day. And trust me, it was the only tranquil part of my day today.

Of course, the pool doesn’t stay empty for long, but I even got a compliment on my swimming this morning from another swimmer, which I swear helped me push through those last 20 laps.

My next race is a 500-meter swim, so training the much longer distances may not really be necessary, but I found in my last race having trained the longer swims made the shorter swim feel not so grueling and left me with energy to burn for getting on the bike.

When I started swimming again, way back in November 2008, I was able to swim 8 laps. And only two in a row. This morning I went 80, all in a row.

It still amazes me how far my once sedentary body has been willing to take me. It’s not without it’s twinges and complaints, but I never would have believed I would be able to swim a mile a year ago.

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