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Posted Jan 23 2012 5:55pm
I really need to keep this thing updated more often.

So on Thursday I woke up to sinus pressure and every time  I tried to do EA Active I got dizzy.  I finally gave up after almost making myself sick.

The same thing happened Friday so I tried concentrating on homework instead, but that wasn't easy either.

I had to force myself to eat on Saturday and spent most of the day on homework.

Sunday was weigh in and I stepped on the scales and thought I was going to fall over.  I lost 9 pounds during the week.  Most of it was contributed to my very light diet, but hey I'll take it.  Now I just have to work to keep it off.

Sunday I decided it was time for me to head to the doctor since nothing I was doing seemed to be working.  My diagnosis was bronchitis, sinusitis, and my asthma acting up.

Over the weekend my Wii Fit and Exerbeat came in and Logan has already tried them out.  Once I'm able to breathe easier I'll be back to working out.

I've been doing a few simple stretching with a resistance band just to have some movement.

I'm on week 8 of 9 for my current two classes: University Composition & Communication I and Principles of Health and Wellness.  My finals are a 1,500 word essay and a 10 slide presentation.  I'm still holding at an A in both classes and I hope to finish the courses with the same grade.

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