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Mentally Exhausted

Posted Jan 27 2009 8:17pm
My Dad needs to buy a new car and we spent the entire day at a car dealership trying to strike a a decent deal for a man who is a pensioner on a fixed income - and who btw just bought his first house and is trying to adjust to the cost of living within his budget. This is no offence to one of my buddies here who reads this who did try her hand at the car saleswoman gig (but since she no longer is in that line of work, might be able to lend her opinion ;-) hint hint ), but for the most part and in my experience, if you've ever been through the song and dance of buying a car from a dealership, you know that it can take hours. They make sure they keep you there as long as possible so that you feel personally invested and it breaks you down in agreeing to a price. They present the same price to you in different ways to make you feel like you're getting a better deal each time they come back from "the manager" for approval, but each and every time it was the same friggin price represented a different way. The so-called "sales manager" who has to approve the deal, which I'm sure is the case, is a person outside of the "negotiation situation" and is a person who the sales consultant can point the blame to if it's a no-go and it takes some heat off of him. They've got it right down to a science, I tells ya. We called him out on it and I got pretty snippy with the guy too. The last time he came back with a new way to try to get what he wanted I told him that it was getting insulting and that's too bad because it was a nice car and a good one for my Dad. And the last time he came back with the same purchase price dressed up a different way, FH starts getting aggitated and starts spelling out to him how it was the same and said, "I went to school too, ya know" and oh my god, if you knew him and heard how he said it, you'd still be laughing at it because I am was priceless. lol The poor salesman was about the same age as we are and although he did handle himself well, you could tell he wanted to "loosen his tie," so to speak.

Anyway, bottom line is that we ended up walking away without the car which was a bit of a bummer since we invested about 4 hours into it, but we'll have to look somewhere else!
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