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Men’s Health Week 2009: Time To Design Your Life Fellas

Posted Jun 14 2009 11:55pm
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Today marks the start of Men’s Health Week here in Australia and like I mentioned in the title of the post, fellas it’s time to step up and design your life.

How will it look like in 5 years from now?

Not very rosy if you are not looking after yourself today.

Will your belly fat expand even further?

Will a healthy eating plan consist of selecting the deli choices meal when you go through the drive through at Maccas?

Luckily the key to weight loss success doesn’t have to be rocket science or stuff only for other guys to achieve.

YOU can achieve it.

Make sure your heart is healthy with this special offer from DPM Performance

Make sure your heart is healthy with this special offer from DPM Performance

“At some time in your life you probably had someone believe in you when you didn’t believe in yourself… Did that make a difference in your life?”

Those words from Stephen Covey in the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People should make you sit up and think for a minute if your health is heading down a one way deadend street.

Maybe it’s your little kid who looks up at you with loving eyes who believes in you no matter what situation you have got yourself into.

So you do want to be around to see your little kid grow up in another 15 years don’t you?

That’s why you have to take action and design your life plan today.

How will it look? What steps will you take to shedding the belly fat? What foods will you turf as part of your new and improved healthy eating plan?

The best 2 comments will get a special recording of a roundtable call that I will be on this Thursday morning with 2 of the brightest minds in the fitness industry today - the Natural Plastic Surgeon Rylan Duggan and Caroline Radway - the Kettlebellebody Queen.

I won’t be giving this audio out as a freebie so you have to have the best 2 comments to get your hands on this one - for now.

In fact, if you are a bloke living in Sydney and reading this and if this is starting to resonate with you, contact me by leaving a comment below (don’t worry no-one but me gets to see your email address) and I’ll contact you to give you a free 2 week trial as part of a special men’s health week offer.

If you’re already a male client who wants to shift things up a gear let me know at our next session and I’ll give you the audio I mentioned above as well as a free food diary review.

Let’s work together to reverse the obesity epidemic.

A snowball starts with one snowflake.

I want to hear from you below right now!


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