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Mediterranean Diet Meal Plan basic principles

Posted by Jenny

Mediterranean diet meal plan is suitable for people who want to correct their figure or keep it for a long time. Followers of Mediterranean diet plan believe that it can rejuvenate and improve the body, improve eyesight, make skin look younger and more elastic, lower cholesterol levels in the blood and keep the cardiovascular system in an ideal state.

Instructions for creating Mediterranean diet meal plan:

1. Watch your oil and fat intake, replaceing animal fats with unsaturated olive, sesame or canola oils.

2. Consume a large amount of plant foods, rather than foods derived from animal sources.

3. Craft a well-balanced menu, based on a blend of plant-based foods, along with dairy products, meat and grains.

4. Create a plan to set up your own portions.

Find more detailed information about Mediterranean diet and download a FREE SAMPLE of Mediterranean Diet Menu.

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                                 Mediterranean Diet Pyramid


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hey i really like ur diet meal plan.....
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