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Meal Replacements with Whey Protein Shakes

Posted Aug 26 2008 3:52pm
Whey Protein Shake

Back in the beginning of the year I wrote that I was using SlimFast as a part of my diet plan, mostly for snacks or meal replacements. At the time I knew it probably wasn’t the best approach since I have heard SlimFast has a lot of sugar, but I was familiar with the product and knew I liked the taste so I went with what I knew.

A few months ago I was contacted by Matthew Perry of Third Chance Fitness who suggested that rather than SlimFast that I should try whey protein shakes ; in particular a brand his company offers called Muscle Memory . I’ll admit I was skeptical at first. I didn’t know anything about whey protein powder other than it seemed to come in these giant containers, which I think I had seen at GNC.

But after trading emails with Matthew I began to think I should give this stuff a try. For one thing a serving of Muscle Memory provided 21g of protein whereas the SlimFast was only providing 2g of protein. I tried to get a sample size bottle from Matthew but he explained they didn’t do samples - that in his experience it takes a week or two of trying the shakes before determining if your body could process it correctly. If he had given me a sample he was concerned I would like the taste but that it wasn’t a proper test. So I agreed to buy a bottle and give it a shot.

Since that time I have been slowly adding the whey protein shakes into my diet as a meal replacement. My recipe is a very simple one with just the addition of a banana, but Matthew has a number of interesting shake recipes on his website should you want to try a little variety. Because of the amount of ice I use my recipe actually ends up making two glasses full, and since it is thick it ends up being pretty filling.

The primary difference I have noticed between the SlimFast and the whey powder shake (they are both chocolate flavor, by the way) is that the whey powder shake is filling and keeps me feeling full for a much longer time, no doubt because of the protein.

I know some of my readers (well at least Mizfit ) already incorporate whey protein shakes into their diet and I think if you haven’t already done so that you should give it a try.

If you would like to try the brand I use, Muscle Memory, buy it here for $29.50, which is on sale from the normal price of $41.39.

John is Fit Reader Special: Enter “JIF” in the comment section of the checkout to lock in the price of $29.50 for life!
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