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Meal or snack?

Posted by Tamar F.

Well, the diet industry certainly is giving us mixed messages again. Is it 3 squares or 5 little snacks? Weight Watchers took at look at research that says that 21.6% of adults eat several meals throughout the day. So now, they have created these “Anytime Selections”, encouraging people to eat them all the time. Eating all the time? I don’t think that’s the direction we want to be headed.

They come in two varieties: Chicken and Cheese Quesadilla and Calzone Italiano. If I were going to eat a bunch of meals, I’d want more than two kinds!

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I think the "eat all the time" theory means 3 square meals, plus healthy snacks to keep your blood sugar from spiking. The Weight Watcher selections of Quesadilla and Calzone sound like too much food for a "snack" unless they are 300 or less calories. Healthy snacking could be fruit, yogurt, a few nuts, veggies, etc. A healthy breakfast keeps the hunger pangs at bay.

Biruta K.

I've heard of eating five to six small meals per day. The only problem is that you never truly get a "meal". It's like an oversized snack every time. I'm with Biruta. I think the best plan is to have three reasonable meals a day and supplement with a healthy snack. That's the plan that works best for me. Though I will admit that I'm not a breakfast eater and have had to train myself to eat a morning meal so my breakfast is a little lighter and my morning snack a little more substantial than the norm.
What works for one may not work for others. However, we all have one common weakness for something that may not be that healthy and could make us very hungry. In other words, try to identify which foods cause you to be hungry prior to the next regular mealtime and for starters cut out anything with high sugar and salt content. For example, if I was to order two eggs over easy with hash browns, bacon and French bread with no butter, I would be tempted to eat all but the yellow of the eggs. On the other hand, ordering two or three egg whites over easy with French bread with no butter and jam on the side would be healthier with less calories and would not cause unusual craving for a snack. Also, prior to any meal you should consume one full glass of water and after eating if at all possible brush your teeth to remove all lingering food taste.
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