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McDonald's Doesn't Want to Post Calories

Posted by C.L. R.

Due to the recent laws eliminating trans fats in the US (um, hello, thanks a lot for all the trans fats I put into my body as a kid because they were fine but whatever), as well as the laws requiring fast foods restaurants to post saturated fats, the laws in New York decided to take it further - calorie posting. Well, several of the fast food restaurants have decided to fight back - they're saying absolutely not to calorie posting. I laughed and was like, "of course they're saying no" until I got more info. Turns out, it may be a little extreme - the law is asking them to post the calorie items in huge letters on the menu up on the wall! Now, I don't know about that. Fast food chains are claiming it will be an eye sore (which it will) but obviously, the real issue is they don't want people to glance up when they say "Super Size that?" and realize they're eating more calories in one meal than some small countries eat in a day. People do have a right to know but the only reason I'm putting this up for debate is the argument that all restaurant should be singled out to do this if they are. Maybe - what do you think?
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I actually think having calories posted would create a huge paradigm shift for all of us. A Cinnabon roll, for example, is like 1000 calories!! Even on a day when I am going to pig out, I just can't enjoy ONE item with that many calories. Maybe if calories were posted, McDonalds would start finding lower calorie options. Clearly SOMETHING needs to be done. We have a society filled with obese kids whose lives are already negatively impacted by their weight. is a very easy to use site that gives nutritional info on lots of food, including fast foods. Many of us have internet access wherever we are (on cell phones, small laptops, etc). It really helps when you are on travel especially.
Yes, the truth should be posted next to the items on the large, brightly light board. There is something seriously wrong that we have mothers suing McDonalds for making their child fat. ( I (still) cannot figure out how someone really didn't know that McDonalds (or any fast food chain) was horrible for their health. Clearly there is a problem in America and we need to do something. As you stated, I think all restaurants, including fast food chains, should post nutrition facts. Just because we sit down in a fancy restaurant and pay $20 per plate does not mean it's healthy...
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