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Matthew McConaughey’s Workout Plan Tips

Posted Jul 19 2012 7:45pm

Matthew McConaughey is known and loved as that tan, toned actor with his shirt off 95% of the time. He appears to have the ability to melt women’s hearts everywhere, and has even been hailed as the “perfect man with the perfect body.” With the “sun’s out, gun’s out” motto ringing true this summer, guys should follow a workout plan similar to McConaughey’s to attain that quintessential beach body.

For the average man, the McConaughey body type is not impossible to achieve. With a dedicated, long-term plan targeting muscle definition, any healthy guy can reach McConaughey status.

Matthew McConaughey workout

McConaughey’s Workout Basics

The first key ingredient to the McConaughey body type? Don’t overdo it. What makes McConaughey’s body supposedly “perfect” is that it’s not outrageously muscular. In reality, he’s just a slim, fit guy – that just happens to translate very well on screen and in paparazzi photos.

When you hit the gym, it’s important to work several different muscle groups collectively; don’t start targeting specific muscle groups with exercises for just one body part, like the arms or chest. Try doing full body workouts three to four times a week. Incorporate various exercises like the bench press, squats, or sit-ups in addition to at least a half an hour of cardio.

Get creative and mix it up. When people see you at the beach, they’ll be seeing a lot of you – therefore, it’s more important to attain muscle definition all over rather than in one particular area.

If you’re concurrently doing cardio and muscle build-up, you may want to be eating more as well. Foods that are high in protein such as meats and eggs will allow your body to produce more muscle tissue. If you start to notice you’re putting on a bit too much weight, cut back on the food or increase your cardio. It’s all about controlling those calories!

Matthew McConaughey’s Beach Bod

Once you’ve gotten pretty defined muscle-wise, it’s important to zero in on specific areas to bring out further definition and lean out the muscle. After a couple of months of overall body tone, you should start eating a lower-calorie diet and doing more cardio. This will eliminate any extra fat and allow your muscles to truly stand out.

An effective way to eat is to fill up on carbohydrates around the time of day you’re going to work out – that way, you can burn through energy quickly. Later in the day, eat lean protein to build up muscle.

Matthew McConaughey Beach Body picture

Matthew McConaughey's Beach Body is a result of his varied workout plan.

As for cardio exercises, anything goes. McConaughey is known for his (always) shirtless desert runs. He runs up relatively steep hills at a solid pace (not a sprint, but not a jog either) to get his heart pumping and the calories burning. Another way McConaughey takes advantages of the great outdoors is by incorporating weight training right after his desert runs.

To get a well-rounded beach body, you can target the specific areas you notice are lacking – perhaps you only need to build up your arms or your core. Focus on these problem areas for overall tonage. While out on your “desert run,” stop and try bodyweight squats to build up your leg muscles. Or, bring a mat of some sort and do ab crunches and pushups at the top of the mountain.

Matthew McConaughey Running picture

Cardio is an important part of McConaughey's workouts.

Focus On Overall Fitness

Remember that the McConaughey body is more about overall fitness than it is targeting specific zones. Use a loose workout plan to attain an acceptably toned physique, but be dedicated about it. As long as you’re doing overall body weight training for the first couple of months several days a week and zeroing in on specific areas afterwards, your body will be ready for the beach in no time. Now you just have to get that tan.

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