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Matrimony Monday: Say “Heyyyy” To The Dress

Posted Nov 05 2012 7:37am

I didn’t think I’d like wedding dress shopping. At all.

I like clothes. I think I have style/some fashion sense (my old coworker always complimented me on my color pairings).

But shopping? No.  

(from WhatShouldWeCallMe , the best pick me up ever.). 

For one, I’m tall. I have a lady figure. Pants are generally too short and shirts have a tendency to get stuck on my chesticles. I once thought I was going to have to Winona Ryder a pair of skinny jeans out of Old Navy because I could not get them off my calves. I get really antsy with shopping after 15 or so minutes. I must pack water & snacks, no matter how short the trip. I end up liking one item out of 12, but inevitably end up putting it back on the rack because I talk myself out of it. (See also: registry shopping .)

When I realized in late summer that it was probably time to go dress shopping, I did NOT have high hopes.

Until I tried on approx. 28 dresses and found the mother of all dress inventions. 

Whomever created the corset back? Oh haiiiyyyyyyy. 

 I would like to send you many pounds of Italian cookies. My two-sizes smaller waist thanks you. 


*This is not my dress. And yes, D has seen this picture. My dress DOES have a corset back, however. :)  

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