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March 2011 Update On CJ Hunt’s Documentary ‘In Search Of The Perfect Human Diet’

Posted Mar 21 2011 1:47pm

Last week I wrote about a new pro-vegan propaganda movie called Forks Over Knives coming out in theaters in May 2011 to push the message that people should be eating less and less meat in their diet as a means for pursuing better health. If you just take a look at the 100+ comments that have come in on that post alone , then you’ll see just how deeply vested the animal meat-shunning crowd is in promoting what they believe is true regarding nutrition and it’s relationship to a healthy lifestyle. They haven’t been this excited about anything since their much-beloved and heralded The China Study by Dr. T. Colin Campbell came out in 2006 (although Denise Minger has methodically exposed the many flaws contained throughout that book ). But is a vegan or vegetarian diet really what “the perfect human diet” should look like? Is a meatless menu the best option if you want to find dietary utopia? The answer to these questions is one of focal points being offered up by another film that’s been in production for several years now and is finally set to be released in late 2011. It’s called In Search of the Perfect Human Diet from broadcast journalist CJ Hunt.

You’ll recall I had CJ on my podcast in June 2010 discussing his full-length documentary where he has literally traveled around the world to discover what the optimal diet for human beings should be. This film has already been literally 4+ years in the making to bring it to completion and presented to the public–and it’s almost here! Most people don’t even realize that such an intricate and detailed undertaking of this magnitude takes a whole lot of time, money, and energy to make it a reality. Yes, I’ve been teasing you about In Search of the Perfect Human Diet coming since I first blogged about it in 2007 , but the good news is we are beginning to see light at the end of the tunnel–it is supposed to be out sometime in the 4th quarter of 2011! Believe me, it will be well worth the wait if you want something you can give to friends and loved ones that examines what a quality diet has looked like historically.

According to the filmmaker (who has been keeping me regularly updated on the latest progress with the film over the past few years), here’s the plan he has in place to market the movie when it’s ready to be released. There will be Invitational Theatrical Premieres for print, news and broadcast media in at least five major US cities, including Los Angeles, Washington, DC, New York, Dallas/Houston, and Chicago. Doing a big splash in these and possibly other targeted markets will create “earned media” about the film which will drum up support for it and will very likely allow CJ to appear as a guest on various local and national television and radio talk shows and news outlets to talk about the documentary. If this happens, then he’ll create that ever-elusive “buzz” that will drive sales of the DVD, video-on-demand, and even iTunes downloads where it will be made available for purchase. In Search of the Perfect Human Diet will ship anywhere in the world which will significantly widen the market for this film to reach international audiences as well. The potential for something really special is possible after the media blitz when a cable channel could seriously decide whether to take a look at providing airplay for the movie which would be an instantaneous way to get the message out to a whole lot of people about what a healthy diet should look like. But none of this will happen until the media has a chance to see it when it releases in November or December 2011. The anticipation of what is to come should get you excited this film as it seeks to continue the success of the work people like Gary Taubes , Robb Wolf , Tom Naughton , and others have been doing over the past few years.

Keep in mind that In Search of the Perfect Human Diet has been an internationally-filmed production that quite frankly “takes time to shoot” as CJ shared with me. And the other major obstacle in the way of releasing this film is the cost of shooting and producing it. So far, on a tight shoestring budget being as frugal as possible, CJ has spent well over $500,000 to make it. Although he has been helped through the generous donations of people who want to see this film released and a couple of corporations who have made contributions towards it, the burden of bringing this documentary to the public has been on CJ Hunt who has been a virtual one-man show trying to make this dream into a reality because he believes in the message so strongly. As you will discover when you watch the movie for yourself (see this brief demo on CJ’s web site for just a small taste), this is more than just a pastime for him–it’s a mission to get the truth out to others to help prevent health ailments from befalling them as what nearly killed him at an early age. It’s a powerful testimony to the healing nature of a genuinely healthy human diet. This film will captivate people without the need for propaganda and hyperbolic innuendo. The facts will speak for themselves.

YOUR HELP IS STILL NEEDED if you would like to be a part of this important project and helping to make it a reality. You can make a Producers Circle donation of any amount to help bring this to the marketplace by clicking here and CJ will provide a personalized thanks on his web site, blog and even in the credits of the film. For every donation of $100 or more donation, you’ll receive a special edition DVD with a limited edition commemorative DVD case, early notice of when it will be available, and an individualized certificate of thanks for helping make this film possible. If you’re looking for something to invest your dollars in that is sure to make an incredible impact on the lives of the people exposed to it, then I cannot recommend In Search of the Perfect Human Diet strongly enough! This is indeed the real deal.

And finally, it’s time for a reality check of sorts for the Paleo/low-carb community. As much as I wish we had the ability to release a movie into theaters like this one from CJ Hunt, it’s just not gonna happen until something happens to fire up people who believe in the Paleo/low-carb message to become as well-organized and well-financed as those who advocate for a vegan/vegetarian lifestyle. The reason the meat-hating crowd is able to release Forks Over Knives into theaters is the fact the supporters of that way of eating put their money where their mouth is and they make it happen. They have been able to convince huge companies like Whole Foods to come on board with them as a financial supporter promoting vegan diets in their stores and gain access to the health-conscious consumer through a “Health Eating Specialist” in each store . Believe me when I say it–this is no coincidence.

Even more sad to me is the fact that many of the pro low-carb/Paleo businesses or foundations that have the money to invest in something admirable and life-changing such as In Search of the Perfect Human Diet have refused to step up to the plate to help CJ Hunt. It would seem to me that they would jump at the opportunity to help sponsor a film like this one to be sure the message gets finished and distributed. I could name names here, but you know those businesses that you spend money with that could help to make this happen. Perhaps if you wrote them an e-mail with a link to the In Search of the Perfect Human Diet web site asking them to consider supporting CJ’s efforts, they would be more inclined to be a part of it. Working together, we can help make this happen!

We have literally tens of millions of dollars being invested into investigating and researching carbohydrate-restricted diets and that’s a very admirable use of those funds. But in the court of public opinion, isn’t it just as important that we have productions like In Search of the Perfect Human Diet to present the findings that these studies have shown into positive media coverage for what healthy low-carb living is all about? In our modern-day pop culture where people are more apt to be swayed by images instead of science, doesn’t it make sense to have professionally-made movies and other such projects penetrating the hearts and minds of real people? I certainly think so which is why I am so enthusiastically supportive of what CJ Hunt has to offer the low-carb/Paleo community with his film. Won’t you join me by supporting it too?

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