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Man Loses 200 Pounds Eating Raw Food

Posted Oct 15 2008 7:06am

clent Clent Manich’s diet plan may seem like anybody else’s, you follow the traditional methods of eating food, eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables. And swap one meal for a shake or smoothie.

And see how things go from there this all seems the normal advice you get when you’re trying to lose weight, until Clent decided that he was going to use a different approach as far as his eating habits were concerned. He decided that he didn’t want to cook food any more and eat it raw instead.

This may seem a bit of a strange thing to do but somebody else has done the same thing and it has worked for them as well, Clent said that he lost 200 pounds and prevented himself from contracting type two diabetes. By using this different approach to eating food because it worked so well for him, some of his colleagues at Costco where he works decided to try the plan as well.

To see how they would get on with it Shirley Taylor said she wanted to feel better about herself, and since she started on the raw food way of eating, feels a whole lot better for eating her large amounts of green smoothies. I should imagine these are made up of this mostly green foods and put into a blender.

She combined this with eating other raw foods five days a week, and ate some marginal amounts of cooked food at weekends. She managed to lose 32 pounds and she now longer needs to take her thyroid medication.

The reason that this tends to work so well is raw food is very low in calories, and also due to the fact that critical enzymes are not lost due to the cooking process. One of the key components to keeping food raw is not to cook it above 115 degrees centigrade. Otherwise if you do this then the essential plant enzymes could be lost.

A raw fooddiet will consist of the following elements fresh fruit and vegetables obviously, and also nuts seeds and pulses, fresh honey, herbs, spices and some salt.

If you want to make your food into green smoothie’s then you will probably need to buy a juicer, food processor or alternatively use a good quality blender. Before Clent went on his raw fooddiet he ate things like pizza, hot dogs and lots of diet soda. Which in 2006 gave him pancreatitis and he had to be put on insulin which is for type two diabetes.

He first heard about this particular method of eating food from a chiropractor in the United States by the name of Miven Donato, he thought this person was a perfect match for his new healthy boot camp regime as he called it.

And asked him to give it a go and see what would happen there is a percentage of food that you eat which is 85 percent is raw and 15 percent is cooked. After two months of eating this particular way he managed to shed 52 pounds. However he went on a cruise with his wife and managed to pack the weight back on.

Once he got back from his cruise he received e-mail from a chiropractor which was a testimonial from a woman who had lost over a 100 pounds by eating green smoothies and raw food with a ratio 85/15. So this time around he decided that in order for this to work for him he needed to go totally raw. And to his surprise it worked in three months the weight just literally fell off of him, he lost 100 pounds and surprisingly he did very little exercise during this period of time.

Although he did feel hungry at first he kept at it and gradually his cravings for cooked food went over time, once he had reached a certain weight he then started to weight train and climbed a mountain in the USA and now believes that he can achieve any weight loss goal that he puts his mind to.

If you would like to see more information regarding this particular way of dieting then the person in question who was mentioned throughout this article has put up a website so you can read more if necessary here is the address


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