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Mamavation Monday: In which I make a complete fool of myself

Posted Oct 03 2010 9:59pm
This week's post has a bonus video, because now that I've discovered the Windows 7 Movie Maker program I'm having way too much fun using it.

Way. Too. Much. Fun.

Which is not a bad thing. But I do believe I've gone off the deep end. Lately I've become obsessed with the elliptical at the gym. I haven't used the elliptical in a couple years because my gym took out the ones I really like and replaced them with new harder ones.

But a couple weeks ago, all three of us met at the gym after my husband got off work and I hopped on the elliptical next to him. My husband has such resolve that he can plug away on that thing for more than an hour. I've never done more than 45 minutes on the old favorite elliptical.

But something came over me that day. Perhaps it was working out next to my husband. Perhaps it was my improved level of fitness. But I stayed on that sucker for an hour and incinerated 600 calories (according to both my heart-rate monitor and my DirectLife).

Last week I went to the gym a couple times. The first time I procrastinated and could only do 30 minutes but the next day I went back and did 65 minutes.

(That's actually a quote from my favorite new show, The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret , on IFC. Don't watch it with the kiddies.)

So, the video. It explains how I psych myself up to go to the gym. And it has my fave new workout song on it, which may or may not get it yanked off YouTube (there was some vaguely worded notation on it when I went to attach it to this blog tonight). And if you dig my vibe, then please tweet this at your leisure. (My early childhood years were spent in Chicago, so I'm kinda fond of the phrase "Vote early and often!")

Hey @bookieboo! I want @its_gail to be the next #Mamavation Mom. She has my support!

This week's Mamavation Blogging Carnival (whee!) over at is sponsored by Subway and its Commit to Fit Campaign. Jared, dude, I've got your back .

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