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Making Weight Loss for Women Easier

Posted Sep 21 2009 10:48pm

by Maria' s Last Diet

The main goal of a dieter is to achieve her weight-loss goal. This is usually way off in the future. An alternative to concentrating on this type of future-driven, long-term goal is to focus on the actions required to meet this goal. In other words, your focus won' t be on "I have this much weight to lose". Your focus will be on the actions you are taking right here and now, as well as the actions you plan to take next.

By making your focus the day-to-day actions you take, you increase your chance of successfully reaching your future goal.

Here' s how it works. Say you want to lose 40 lbs. That' s your long-term weight-loss goal. What will make this goal a reality is how you plan and act from now until then.

There are two broad areas in which you need to plan and act. They are the food and the non-food elements involved in losing weight. The food part has to do with what you eat, how much you eat, and how often you eat. For the food part, the plan can be to go on a diet, stop overeating, cut down on junk food, etc. The non-food part is trickier. It has to do with your relationship with food. It has to do with what you might be using eating for—like feeling better emotionally, regulating your moods and temperament, stopping unpleasant thoughts, etc. Planning and acting are needed in both areas.

There is an added benefit. Shifting your thinking from the future goal to the actions you are taking in the present actually requires less effort on your part. Thinking narrowly about only what will happen at some future date is much more taxing and frustrating than taking it day by day.

What actions will you be taking today and tomorrow to keep you headed in the right direction?

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