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Making a Diet Plan to Stop Falling Off

Posted Apr 11 2009 12:55am

by Maria's Last Diet

Why is it that you have such high expectations at the beginning of your diet plan, only to falter and give up somewhere along the way?

You probably can't squeeze your answer into one reason. Just like with other things in life, the problem of staying on a diet plan is usually multidimensional.

One method of combating the "giving up on a diet" syndrome, is to pre-plan. Lay out a blueprint for success before you even start dieting.

You will need to imagine your roadblocks, because that's when most women give up. It's when obstacles pop up, and they are not prepared to deal. Giving up seems so much easier than overcoming an obstacle.

A method we often recommend to help you deal with what may come up to derail your diet is looking back. What happened on your last diet? Try to remember specifically what the rough spots were that caused you to give up. Then, write down definite strategies to help you get through your anticipated rough spots.

You see, when you have a strategy laid out, and ready to use, then you won't be stopped cold. You will come up against your roadblock and be able to say to yourself: "I anticipated this. I have prepared myself and I know just what to do here and now so I can get through it with my diet plan intact."

Practice doing this, and you're diet plan will survive the ups and downs of life.

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