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Make Sure Your Emotions Don’t Get the Best of You When You Are Trying to Lose Weight and Keep It Off

Posted May 08 2012 5:00am

The whole process of weight loss from beginning a diet or starting to change your pattern of eating to sticking to your weight-loss regimen, and finally to maintaining lost weight, is filled with emotion.

Where do you stand in the emotion-handling department? How much do you know about your emotions? Can you identify how you’re feeling and what’s causing you to feel this way? Do you know how to deal with emotionally laden situations when they arise? Can you use your emotional knowledge to develop a good strategy to deal with the emotional situation?

If you’re not so good at knowing what you’re feeling and doing something about it when it comes to the weight-loss process, you can work on sharpening your emotional knowhow, expressing your emotions better if that’s what’s needed, regulating them, and using them to good advantage in the weight-loss steps you’re taking.

Here’s what you can work on. You can work on identifying your own emotions as they occur during the process of weight loss. You can role-play the expression and regulation of your emotions, and you can work on being more emotionally expressive and more emotionally regulated if need be in each weight-loss activity you undertake. You can look for emotional conflicts and practice resolving your conflicting feelings.

Having the emotional wherewithal to keep yourself afloat and make weight-loss progress possible is a must. If you don’t have all the wherewithal you need at the outset, or in the middle, or near the end, you can definitely do something about it. Emotional competence research shows that people can learn how to be more emotionally competent, and successfully use their competence in a variety of situations.


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