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Maintaining a Healthy Body Weight and Feeling Satisfied

Posted Sep 17 2010 2:00am

When you’ve reached your goal weight, will you be satisfied? If so, feeling satisfied will help you maintain the new lighter you.

What might get in the way of you feeling satisfied is important to know and anticipate if possible.

·       You might have expected more dramatic results.

·       Your loss of weight has unexpected consequences.

·       People react negatively to your accomplishment.

·       You didn’t expect weight control to be so difficult.

Let’s take the issues above one by one and see what you might do to solve them.

Expecting more dramatic results and not getting them

Your expectations might be too high. See if you’re being realistic. Get information about what’s normal and expected. Determine if more time is needed.

Or find out if you’ve overlooked some results (e.g., feeling fit, easier to climb stairs, easier to be positive).

Unexpected consequences

If it turns out to be too frustrating and too hard, why not get some support, just like you did when you were losing weight? If you feel at a loss, check and see if you are as well informed as you need to be. What about unexpected emotional reactions like feeling anxious or down or deprived? Can you tackle these feelings now like you did while losing weight? If not, and these feelings are getting in the way of maintaining your achievement, why not go for professional help. Lots of people do.

People react negatively to your accomplishment

Some people might be jealous. Others may think you didn’t go far enough. Still other people may feel they lost the real you, because now there’s “less” of you. It may take patience and emotional skill to help people to accept the new you. If you want, find a supportive family member or friend and practice on them before you tackle the negative ones.

You didn’t expect weight control to be so difficult

Once again, see if your expectations are too high. If your expectations are in line, you might want to get more support for the hard work you’re doing. What about building the skills it takes. If you lost weight successfully, it meant you built skills along the way. The same will be true for weight maintenance. You’ll have to build some skills along the way.

If feeling satisfied about goal weight won't be an issue for you, then feeling good about your accomplishment will help you maintain. But as you can see, if you don’t have that satisfied feeling, there are lots of things to do to turn it around.




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