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Made me weight loss goal, ready for more

Posted by Kristen D.

About a year and a half ago, I reached my weight loss goal of less than 150 pounds (at my lightest, I was 148.) That meant a loss of 45 pounds since I began my dieting and exercise regimen about a year and a half earlier. I'm at 155 right now, some of which I know is muscle weight, but also some which has been gained by eating not-so-well sometimes. My next goal to reach is 140-145.
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those last handful of pounds are tough. they often dont drop as fast. recognize that already losing 45lbs - your clothes fit differently and when looking in the mirror, you already see great difference and with that, comes confidence. sometimes not eating ideally helps you realize how food affects your body and mind, and by being aware of that, then you can stay within control.
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